Help me make good choices lol

Hi guys! First time posting on here and need some help. I am looking to het a new pair of headphones because the strait booty cheeks of a headset I’ve used for the last few years “GSP 500” are dying on me. I want to take my first steps into what ppl call the Hi of Fi audio lol. In all seriousness I’m looking to get a new pair off good headphones. I have a budget of around $350 and have a few headphones I’ve been looking at like the tygr 300r, Airmotiv GR1, Sundara’s but im open to other suggestions. I’m looking for something that is good in games but doesn’t give up much if anything in sound quality for music and movies. I know I like a bit of the warmer side of a sound sig, because I like the bass of edm and hip hop music but I would like to keep the clean mids and highs for when I listen to my metal and orchestral stuff.

If most of this sound like rubbish do forgive me, I have never tried to explain my taste of sound before. From what I’ve seen and read so far I am leaning towards the Sundy’s but would still love some feedback from all of you lovely ppl here. Thank you.

the Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm would be a good start. they don’t have a lot of deep booming bass, which is why they are so good for gaming. but, if you pair them with a warm amp, they’ll be good. if you must have the bass, it will affect how accurate the positional sounds are (ie. enemy foot steps), go for the DT990 600 ohm.

for a warm amp, grab the Monolith Spark stack…Spark DAC and Spark Amp.

you may be able to save quite a bit by searching for these on the used market. check out the /avexchange on reddit as well as the US Audio Mart. if you’re in a big city center, I’d look at Craigslist and Kijiji too.

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I do like bass but it doesn’t need to be booming at all for me. I’m happy with just a clean warm bass. I have heard good things about the 880 600ohm but i have a goxlr and dont know if it could run them properly.

well, some easier to drive headphones would be the Sennheiser HD58x on Drop.


Cool I’ll look up some vids and stuff on them then too. thx

I think for your budget the tube is an excellent direction to go easy to drive so power is less of a concern whereas the 880 600 ohm you need another like $100 on top of the headphone price for an amp. The tygrs tuning imo also better suites your tastes in music with it’s more forward bass response. The go xlr should also be able to drive it fine. The tygrs also retain that excellent soundstage and imaging prowess I tend to love from beyers for gaming

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Tygr is best answer. Has more low-end and much easier to power.

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Yeah, I’ve been looking at the tygr 300r for a bit and it was my #1 choice but every time I want to go and buy them they are sold out and I dont want to buy the bundle because I dont need/want the mic that it comes with.

They restock every like 3 weeks.