Help me power my speakers

Hi all, been a while since I’ve posted here.

I just got a new TV cabinet and, as I feared, my receiver doesn’t fit :frowning:.
I want to power my Wharfedale speakers, pretty basic speakers, and hook the amplifier/receiver to the TV over HDMI ARC. Unfortunately I can’t find anything small enough and almost affordable that fits.
I can go 11cm in height and about 40cm in width (4.33" by 15.7" if my math is correct).

Should mention: I have no other HDMI devices hooked up to the receiver atm, everything goes through the television so the only things plugged into the receiver are:
an hdmi to the TV, a powerchord and the speaker wires.

Anyone got any good ideas that are hopefully a bit affordable?

Is this a 2.0 system?
Does the television have optical out?

It is a 2.0 system and I think it does. Never used optical out though. Would I be able to use one remote for bothe the TV and the volume?

This remote question, I cannot comment on.
I think about a system like Loxjie A30 as a small-footprint receiver alternative in this situation though.
Has its own remote (I don’t know if learning functionality exists). It’s a DAC/Speaker Amp/Headphone Amp. It has separate subwoofer out, aux in. Bluetooth!

I just saw the Topping MX3, apparently it also turns itself of so that might be perfect for me. I’ll also have a look at the loxje, though I’m not sure I will be able to find that brand near me. Thanks for the suggestion, at least I know where to look now!

@lrjshabaz I think that’s a pretty good call on the A30. I had an MX-3 and it was a great device. It served me well. But overall, I think the A30 might be a slightly stronger unit.

You could run a switching powerstrip for like $12
When you power the tv it acts as a relay to the rest of the plugs eveything comes on and off. Check the TVs setting if it has CEC function.

My tvs use optical out from the panel and the source is appleTV. Ive got a $20 fiio dac feeding RCA to smsl SA300 remote and subout. My other panel is topping E30 aiyima A08. I would go with seperate DAC and AMP since you have fancy speakers this way you can add more power/ processing.

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Would you mind sending a link to a switching powers trip? I’ve never heard of it and I’m interested to know how it works.
The MX3 is sold out and discontinued as far as I can find, an no other integrated amp has the auto on/off (or they just don’t mention it in their product info).
The TV does have CEC, I use it now with the receiver over HDMI arc

They have’em on amazon from $8-$40
The topping E30 dac will standby but wont auto on, have to use the remote. The aiyima amp and the smsl SA300 will turn on and off plug into these switching powerstrips. Looking at smsl DACs hopefully it will power on and off on the powerstrip. Its nice to control the system through one remote. Powerstrip $8, fiio DAC $22, sabaj A10a $135= $165


I’m looking for a powerstrip like that, but so far I haven’t found any EU models.
I think I would prefer getting an integrated AMP/DAC, since that would give me the best hope of controlling the volume through other remotes than the one that comes with the DAC. At least I know it doesn’t work on my desktop setup when I adjust the volume of the DAC, the line out always keeps the same volume.

Found 'em, they use the master/slave name here.

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I hear ya my stuff is through the apple tv, that thing will pick up signal from everything ive thrown at so far.

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So you have the Apple TV hooked up to the TV and then you have a DAC over optical connected to the TV and an AMP that’s hooked up to the DAC?
If you change the volume using the remote from the apple TV, does the volume actually change? If that works than this might be an option for me as well.

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Thats how my TVs are hooked up. only drawback is appletv 4k only plays up to 48/24 music and downsamples anything higher.

So ethernet to appletv4k HDMI-TV optical-
DAC RCA-amp banana plugs-speakers.

If you want to add a subwoofer replace the ampilfier with one that has RCA sub-out/ use rca splitters to route signal to the sub or a subwoofer with high-level imput.

TV old enough/still got them, RCA out from TV direct to the amplifier.

Reaffirm, the appletv 4K will control the DAC/amps that come with remotes. The non 4k apple tv will too but you dont get 48/24 sample playback.

Caution: if you run a cheap DAC or amplifier that dont come with a remote the appletv will not be able to control the on/off and volume. One of the components must come with a remote to meter volume.

Get the master/slave powerstrip as additional option to auto on/off. But still some topping DACs will only go into standby when powering on through the apple remote. Cant figure out why the topping E30 is doing that.

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Great info, thanks so much!
Good to know that either of them needs a remote.
I’m either going to run something integrated like a Sabaj A3/A4, MX3 or FX-Audio D502 (none of which are available atm) or I’m getting the FiiO D03K with an amp that has a remote control.

Topping pa5 got high praise on ASR.

65w 8ohms. Forgot about the review. around 350 bucks on amazon. 1-3 weeks available.

Thanks. I ended up buying a soundbar for the TV and move the speakers to my PC, I do most of my music listening on the pc anyway during work.
I bought the SMSL AD18 to hook them up, it works very well. Plus now I can just use Bluetooth to listen to them from the diner table.


The better end Soundbars are good and simple solutions. They sound clear and clean. Bassboxes usually “boom” a bit but compared to basic TV’s own speakers… it’s in another league.
Also when most modern TV’s have BT or even the soundbar might have BT.
You might only need HDMI cable. TV’s remote works for volume or phones/tables and so on.
Just simple and working solution.