Help me with choosing my next comp gaming headphones

Hi everyone! I am looking to buy a pair of headphones (or IEMs :wink: ) for competitive gaming in ~600 USD range. I mainly play Hunt: Showdown, Escape from Tarkov. I also listen to music almost the whole time but it isn’t my main priority now. I’ve tried DT 990 Pro and didn’t really like them. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t hear footsteps from afar with reasonable volume. Lately I’ve been using Thieaudio Legacy 4 as my first IEMs and I absolutely love the ability to hear even the smallest rustle but on the other hand the imaging sometimes is not that great. I am looking for something that would (if it’s even possible) have two of these things: Great imaging and would enable me to hear from afar (I don’t know how to call it). I also have an amp+dac (o2 amp, ol dac). I am perfectly fine with either headphones (open/closed back) or iems. With the help of many amazing guides on this forum I found DT 1990s and IKKO oh10, but maybe there’s something that will suit me better! Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Just found Dunu Est112, if the reviews are accurate, imaging would be on point, although I am not sure if the sound signature would be good for comp.

I came here to look for the same and this is the best thread I’ve found under competitive gaming section.

Yes, I agree. I’ve read it a few times already, that’s why dt 1990s are one of my potential purchases :grin:

:wink: i will swing by here later to help yall out, just super busy with work right now so responses are heavy delayed.

No worries! Thanks for stopping by :wink: I am trying to narrow the choices down as much as I can, currently gravitating towards iems like Blessing 2 but I’m still open to every suggestion! (Again, your guide is quiet amazing!)

I looked at the Asgard 3 with the miltibit DAC for amp/DAC with the DT 1990 pros.

Edit: Removed “and” because it shouldn’t be there.

I couldn’t have said better DON’T MATTER

Hope it helps you :man_shrugging:t2:

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Oh, that’s fair! I’ll go for a something that will suit my music listening needs I guess.

Take that with a bucket of salt. Just because someone reviewed something for gaming doesn’t mean they’re a gamer, let alone one capable of high level competitive play.

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Taking someones opinion that isn’t a gamer nor plays games himself isn’t the best of ideas. His recommendations are solid, but claiming what you use doesn’t matter is beyond false though you are welcome to your opinion. Those who have never been to high tier play or venues shouldn’t be making remarks towards whats good and whats not. Regardless, everyone is entitled to their opinion… so agree to disagree here

^ this.better make that a damn 50 pounder

Writing this in a hurry lol rewrote my top message there like 7 times.

990 are strong but in games like tarkov, its a bit rough… that games finicky as hell on soundstage requirements. At the same time since some of those fps sounds are in the mids the mids on the 990 are recessive making them a bit harder to make use of.

However, considering such large games are in play here… I will immediately say that most of the IEM available are going to struggle in this regard… they just aren’t that great for gaming unfortunately. They are fantastic for music and some are quite good for games just not as good as a set of cans… Final Audios IEMs immediately come to my mind as some of the ones I tried that were damn good though.

that would be soundstage your looking for. There are many headphones with a larger sound.

bit on the restrictive side, something to also note is some amps like the asgard are better at spatial recreation… adds some space to the sound and what not

The 1990s are the headphone that people like Pestily(very good tarkov player) use and do extremely well with… it wont max out tarkov but its exceptional performance in every fps game is what keeps it at a high recommendation from me. Now, personally… its not for everyone… that treble can be downright murder and I do encourage going with whats actually comfortable over whats better performing, but if you can tolerate the DT 990s treble you should be alright. 1990 and T1 are quite exceptional in their own right… but if soundstage is what your after youd want the T1 2nd gen which is what I use since it makes use of curved drivers and has the largest stage of the beyers currently. Granted 1990s analytical aggressive nature is something to keep in mind as well… worth looking into both. Then again, if your searching for that very large expansive sound… thatd be something like hifiman such as sundara being worth an audition

For IEM, just pretty much look for soundstage, imaging, and for signature as long as they are brighter and more mid centric… instead of bass heavy or warm then your fine.

There isn’t much reason to go overkill though… I would encourage to trying alternatives that are on the cheaper side of things. find what you feel more suiting and helpful to you and go that route. Beyers normally work, hifiman are exceptional for extremely large stage as is the K7 series from AKG, if a more intimate approach though is needed something like sennheiser will work and Focal


Wow! That’s a comprehension reply ! Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into it ! If I’d have to choose comfort over performance IEMs are the way to go for me. I’ll look into every position you’ve suggested. From the bottom of my heart, thank you !

I understand your point.
It’s a funny video with legit suggestion.
When he says to look at the pros and what they use, I kinda agree that they don’t use any special stuff. If it doesn’t matter to them does it really matters to us simple mortals.

The thing is though is that it does matter to them, it’s just that we are quite literally paid to use the gaming headsets and speak highly of them because those companies sponsor the gamers so the company can make money. There are many I have met through venues who, while outside of the venue or dealing with the companies, will use completely different sets of cans. While technically the reasoning of they can use whatever and still be that good is true, most of us here really aren’t going to the big leagues so I see nothing wrong with stepping it up and using something better.

if you have further questions feel free to drop by, though for me IEM are always a bit uncomfortable just to me personally. I will take a non heavy clamping set of ear muff cans any day

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