[HELP] Need Amp & DAC suggestion for HifiMan Sundara

Hello dear community!

My name is Dr Shaw. You have been helpful in picking up a very good headphone according to my needs i.e, Sundara. Now can you help me choosing a

Amp & DAC that will drive HifiMan Sundara and produce ultimate music experience.

I use Tidal for listening to music online. Thanking you amazing people in advance!!!


Maybe ifi ZEN DAC + ZEN CAN?
As far as I know it offers a tiny bit warmth to the sound and the bass boost could add some fun low end.
Also option to go balanced & not super expensive.

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Ok my friend. I’ll keep a note of it.

I too recommend the Zen Stack. I own both the Zen DAC & CAN along with Sundara and I’m very happy with the overall sound quality.


I’m going with a Schiit stack (Magnius/Modius) for mine, just waiting for them to ship on the 19th…

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Oh is it? Thank you my friend. Can you recommend a third party balanced cable?

Good luck with that my brother. I hope you will love the Shiit Stack. Can you recommend a third party balanced cable?

For Sundara? Or to stack the two ifi units?

I went Hart Audio:

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For the Sundara my friend. If possible the iFi stack too.

I believe you’ll need the 4.4 interconnect if you go ifi.

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I’m using Meze 2.5 Balanced cable with a 4.4mm adapter for Sundara. For ifi I’m using the ifi 4.4mm interconnect.

Personally I think iFi interconnect is too costly for what it does. I recommend HartAudio’s 4.4mm interconnect and might as well get HartAudio cables for Sundara.


Sure, Sounds like a good idea. I’ll do that.

Here’s the link for the DAC/AMP transfer cable for the iFi:

So you’d order this cable, plus the HC-9 with the 4.4 option.

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I have not heard the ifi or modius, magnius. However fwiw I DO have the Topping e30 and Asgard 3 with my Sundaras and like very much. Volume on high gain at 10 0’clock for most. The Asgard replaced the jds atom and really brought the Suns to life…more depth and improved vocal clarity/mids. A touch light on bass depending on genre you like, but fine for classical, jazz and most pop.

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How much is your budget for spent a Dac amp Kombo or directly a Dac/amp?


The Zen stack will do a btter job than what you’re probably using right now. It also has the option of a bass boost if the Sundara every strikes you as bass-lean for some music. I think the DAC is the stronger performer than the CAN, tho.

If you’re US based you could also mix and match gear stacks. If you go iFi Zen DAC + Schiit Asgard 3 for your amp, you can get the advantage of iFi bass boost with an amp that can handle more difficult loads.

Good luck in your search!


hello there i was currently using the ifi zen dac plugged up to my computer running 4.4 pentaconn hart audio cables and it was a great setup i could only have my knob halfway up, so i would say just trying using the zen dac by itself and see what you think first before you buy a dac seperately because its technically a dac and amp in one so i bought mine off amazon for 130$ that’s my 2 cents


Can I suggest something that really surprised me. I wanted to be able to listen on the couch, bed, etc. have a bit more flexibility than be tethered to my amp.

Picked up an ifi Xcan, it has balanced output and plenty of power and sounds great. Nice portable solution. Just another option.


Sounds like an opportunity there. I like that idea :slight_smile:
Also I see Zen DAC has the balanced output so I can take advantage. I have ordered 4.4mm balanced cable. But Asgard 3 doesn’t have balanced output?

Could you recommend a balanced Amp for that purpose?

  • Thanks in advance, dr.shaw