Help on Dac/amp and headphones

I love to play games that are story based like the new Hogwarts game and Maifa games…No competitive games that are online. I"m looking for the sound effects to be the great along with the music in the game. any advice would be great.

Looking at getting if this will work well.

  1. Thieaudio Ghost
  2. FiiO K7 for the dac/amp.

Thank you all for any help!!

Looks good to me.

Open world games can have a huge open sound stage and if you have the budget I’d definitely look towards a Hifiman XS, Nano,Arya or HE1000.

would work fine, can adjust ghost to have better performance and staging though through a pad swap… would encourage looking into that if going with the ghost since the ghost is a bit on the muffled/darker side initially and really benefits from swapping some parts around to open up that sound and stage respectively