Help on how to integrate Schiit Freya with Jotunheim

Hi, hello…

Just looking for some advice on how best to integrate a Schiit Freya tube pre into my 2 ch & headphone setup.

My goal is to get a taste of that tube goodness on my headphones and speakers whilst using the DAC in my Jot as well.

My post is really concerned over these two questions: what should I do with the Jot Pot - do I leave it all the way up or fiddle with it until its loud enough post freya & is there a way for me to get a fully balanced headphone connection with tube warmth out of my Jot?
I think that won’t work as I’ll be trying to use the USB input and a feedback input from the Freya at the same time.

Power amp for speakers is an emotiva XPA2.

Signal chain, I am guessing, would look like:
Speakers: PC via USB -> Jot via XLR -> Freya boa XLR -> power amp.

Signal path for the headphones would probably be essentially the same I think.

So I think you can just almost max out the jot volume and use the freya as the volume control

Yeah you would need a dac before the freya if you wanted to use it to add warmth

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I’d just pick up another DAC.
The DAC in the Jot just isn’t that good.
If you want to use the pre out on the Jot, I’d set the Frey’s to a reasonable volume level, the turn up the Jot until it’s at a reasonable volume level.
But ideally you want the Jot’s amp out of that circuit.

Okay thanks, pretty much what I thought :+1::+1: