Help on Speaker Placement for Tight Desk Space

As shown in the drawing above, this is what my desk setup and part of my room looks like. I was planning on buying Edifier R1280T or possibly smaller speakers and placing them above my monitor with some sort of speaker stand or shelf. I am open to all recommendations and suggestions!

Some concerns I had would be sound being weird on the right speaker as it may be blocked by the right vertical monitor and hard to mount because of the mounting bracket for the shelf. I have 0 desk space and dont think I could make any arrangements since I am in a corner on the left side.

is it possible to get some cheap speaker stand beside your table so you can get the speaker to nearly your head hight ?
other wise you could try some speaker risers that clamp on your desk like these Millenium Desktop Monitor Mount DM1
both wouldnt be the best things cause the speaker should be a bit to far away on the side but the best idea i have
but maybe someone here has a better idea :wink:

I don’t think that I can use clamping speaker risers for my desk since it’s against the wall on the left side and the bed is practically against the right side of the desk basically. However, I think I could probably put speakers a bit above head level on shelf mounts, but the left speaker would be above my pc (Not sure if dust going into it will affect it overtime hugely) and the right speaker would be above my bed which may be a bit dangerous or off-putting.

I’ve been trying to think of alternative ideas and what not by looking at other people’s desks; I don’t think it’s possible to mount speakers at all and have it placed effectively atm :frowning: Alternatively, is it possible to put something in the middle above my horizontal monitor ?

wouldnt put something above the middle monitor cause the soundstage would be massivly impacted
those shelfs could work if they are a bit deeper so the speakers have a few cm space to the wall
maybe also use some of these Speaker Pads to angle the monitors down :wink:

is there a reason your pc is on your desk? i’d start with a powered usb hub and get the pc out of the way for starters.

Take a look into minirig if you don’t mind a BT setup but they would fit perfectly on your desk.

Would you have room to get separate stands and angle the base underneath the desk to save space? That is what I did with my desk to get the appropriate height.

I don’t put my pc on the floor since I have no room for it directly under my desk because I’ll hit it w/ my feet and I am also a bit worried about air flow and what not if I were

This definitely seems like something that works under my circumstances, I’ll def look into it!

Do you have a picture of what you mean? I think I have an idea of what you’re talking about. I totally have a bit of space on the right side, but the left side is against the wall basically, so not that much.

Ok, I see now; I could definitely do this actually if I just my bottom cabinets a bit to the right for the left stand then I think I can figure something out for the right side if I do some measuring.
Now, do you guys have any reccs for speaker stands?

Put your pc on the floor on the left and redistribute space for your speakers?
Move the vertical monitor to the left as well

I have no space to put the pc on the left as it’s very cramped and the pc is a bit too huge. I actually may try to see if I can rearrange my setup so the vertical monitor is on the left to fit a speaker on the right as the left is perfect, I just gotta rearrange the stuff on it.