Help picking some desk speakers

I’m looking to get a pair of powered speakers for my desk, however I am completely new to this so don’t really know what to get. The speaker would only be used for listening to music, I have a budget of up to £200, I was thinking about getting a pair of edifier R1700bt speakers (£130) , what are your thoughts on these speakers and do you have any other suggestions?

What type of music do you listen to?

I tend to mostly listen to Pop and jazz

Kanto YU 2 for $180 seems decent (if you care about looks)

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Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about YU2

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The iLoud Micro Monitors are good, and the Monoprice MM-3 are as well.

The ilouds would be great if he could find a pair in his price range

In the US they are 288 USD on Amazon. Budget is about 260 in USD, so a little stretch for them could be worth it.

There could be extra costs since he is not in the us though (as it always seems to be more expensive lol)

Yeah that’s the concern.

They are not powered but I can vouch for jbl L1s on isolation foam on my desk right now. They should be cheap af when you look for them, with remaining budget you can get a small speaker amp. The treble is very good on them, but the titanium driver took a sec to get used to, now I love it. Give them some low end eq and you got a winner! :smiley:

Edit: well if you can find them that is, maybe prices have spiked, but I remember them being under 100 USD in the last 2 years :frowning: sorry

Maybe some MB42/x would work.

JBL 350P MKII on thomman are on sale at the moment. £94 each, you can buy a cheap interface from their site as well and you are golden. They offer free shipping at a specific price point as well.

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Swisssonic UA-2x2 and Two stereo cables, done.

or Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD. lots of options. You could even got for a passive volume controller if you don’t really care about the headphone out or the other features of an interface. something like mackie_big_knob_passive

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