Help! problems with my dac Topping

I recently published a post saying what dac to buy for 100 dollars and among the dacs was the Topping D10s and they recommended me to buy it to combine it with my smsl sp200 amplifier. Now the Topping D10s dac from Amazon finally arrived in my country and I used it and it worked but I didn’t like the sound quality, a very large and annoying floor sound is heard, when I put a song in .flac at first you hear that the floor sounds very bad and then the song covers the sound of the floor but there is also a little minimal interference in the songs and it only happens when I put the music on my pc, because when I don’t put music on I don’t hear any transfer or floor noise.
my headphones are the SENNHEISER hd 560S

So I don’t know if the problem is the combination of the Topping d10s dac with the smsl sp200 amplifier. or it can also be my rca to rca cables, since they are the typical cheap rca cables. So what do you think is the problem? my Topping d10s dac or my smsl sp200 amp? or the rca cables? And if by chance the problem is due to the Topping dac, then what dac do you recommend that makes a good team with my smsl sp200? with a budget of 150 dollars

try disconnecting everything and try different inputs, not my topping but the dac in my vanatoos used to go crazy with static when certain other cable was connected to my pc