HELP ! SMSL SU6/SU8 Stack hiss

Hi there, i just got a SMSL SU6/SU8, only issue is whenever my pc is under load (gaming or video editing) i hear a very noticeable noise especially if i switch to high gain.
There is some noise even if my pc is in idle.

This noise disappears completely if a disconnect the ground, i even used iems to check (Katos and Timeless).

Everything in my setup is connected to the same power strip.

I ordered both a Topping DX3 pro+ (which doesn’t have this issue) and this stack that i like more.
Gaming, music, movies and anime ofc.

Is it dangerous to keep the ground disconnected ? if it is, can i cheaply fix it?
Or should i just return it and keep the Topping DX3 pro+ because it’s better ?
I currently have: HD600, HE400se, NTH100 and EPOS H6Pro open (pc36x)

Update 6/23/22: S.M.S.L official support told me that is not necessary and it’s safe to keep the ground disconnected

yes it’s dangerous
It could be usb noise I had usb noise issues when I used separate dac/amps there are solutions but if the DX3 just works then that’s a easy solutionn

Yeah could be, i don’t understand how disconnecting ground completely removes all the noise.
and i’m guessing that’s dangerous cause it can destroy my equipment.