Help suggesting an upgrade from HD599


I’ve owned the Sennheiser HD599’s for about a year now and i’m starting to find the sound very “boring” compared to some iem’s i recently acquired, maybe they’re not the best performing for rap/electronic. I’m planning on selling them to put that money towards a better pair, my budget is around £200 and ideally something used.

I was thinking something like the HE 4xx or the HD 58x? any suggestions are welcome.

Currently running the JDS Labs Atom + E30 DAC.


Are you open to closed backs? The 58x is pretty great for hip hop and I prefer to the 599 but EDM it can be questionable and the he 4xx I find way too neutral for both genres and prefer it for music that’s generally more acoustic.

Yes definitely open to closed back’s too, what about the the 400i? or are they very similar to the 4xx?

Yes super similar. Since you have some power I feel the DT 770 250 ohm and if can find them the meze 99 classics are an excellent choice and maybe a used Sony mdra1