Help upgrading my current setup

Hi everyone, I’m currently looking to upgrade my audio setup (microphone and headphone), I currently use a cheap gaming headphone. I’ve already chosen the headphone and mic, but I need a suggestion for an interface to run them both.This is my choice:

Senheiser HD560S
Rode podmic

I’ve looked at serveral option like the schiit fulla but I live in Europe so they are quite restricted, so now i was looking to buy an audio interface because the HD560s are not that hard to drive but i would like something capable for the headphone because I like listening to music. My budget is around 200 euros/dollar, but the less i spend the better it is also because i only use the microphone for game chat and sometimes podcast.I’m planning on getting a separate amp/dac for the hd560s and also for future headphone purchase (I’m starting to enter the rabbit hole :slight_smile: ), but I’m looking for a solution right now, The only concern i have is that i read that the pod mic is quite gain hungry and not all interfaces are capable to run it. These are the option i was looking at:

Focusrite scarlet solo
Focusrite scarlet 2i2 3rd gen
Audient Id4
motu m2
GOxlr mini

Any advice/suggestion is very welcome and thanks in advance for the help.

solo should be more then fine with that mic.

And you think is ok with the 560s?

get the cheapest Interface you can find and get a good DAC/AMP.
The Topping DX3 Pro plus is probably the best at 200€.
If it has to be a all in one combo, Motu M2 is probably the best among those options

it will drive them fine. but you have enough budget left for a decent separate amp if you should choose. you would get better sound quality out of most budget amps then any of the all in one interfaces.

edit: well all the interfaces in your budget that is I should of said. 10000$ interfaces have pretty good HP amps built in :wink: