Help wanted - will pay with exposure

Is there a trello or backlog tracker for what’s planned for the forum?
Any way to contribute?

I am disappointed that Zeos has not reached his goal by now to pay for all he wants to achieve at RMAF.
I am eternally grateful for his relentless pursuit of well made, well constructed affordable audio products.
Having been interested in audio for over 55 years I have witnessed the never ending creep of audio excess.
The product choice in most mainstream audio press is to review the most over built, over promoted, over priced and under achieving audio components.
Zeos has managed to try to restore some sanity to this endeavor by his never ending search for over achieving high value/low cost products. And he has done this well for some time.
His method has been entertaining and enlightening and well produced.
How we all can take advantage of this effort and not be willing to help him confront this excess is beyond belief.
For all the many thousands of views his reviews receive if every one contributed $5.00 or $10.00 he could make his goal in a heartbeat.
If we all appreciate his effort we all have to back him.


My post was more related to this specific forum.
In regards to RMAF i will be honest and say I don’t care much for the idea. But I did contribute for teh lulz.

I’d rather he use that crazy money hire an assistant, even part time, and review even more stuff.
Maybe sponsor DMS or something.

I think youtube has a bigger and timeless reach than some tradeshow or whatever. But again, Zeos for teh lulz.

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This thread as not about what I thought it was based on the title.

Well, what were you expecting