Help with AMP/DAC for DT990 pros

Hi all!

I’m very new here so I hope I placed this in the correct place, I am planning on purchasing a pair of DT990 pro’s, either the 80 ohm version or 250 ohm version. I was planning on pairing this with an E10k to start out as it is very inexpensive and I have heard pretty good things about this combo. I am seeking advice as to if this is a pairing that will work well enough, will the E10k power these properly, if not what would be a better budget option. There is also the possibility of down the line buying a separate AMP, like the D30 or Atom and using the E10k as a DAC. Basically I’m just looking for some good advice on how best to power these headphones, preferably on a low budget. Should also mention I am in Australia, so schiit products are sort of out of the question ($520 for magni and modi), I am also open to different headphones although I think these are a good fit for me as I want to have a fun experience when listening to music. I am also coming from a pair of gaming headphones (Astro A40’s) so im pretty sure this will be a big difference for music

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes it will power up to the 250 ohm. 250 will push hard though.

Fun? 990? Only if you can stand ultra sharp treble

I mean fun in the sense that for me flat and neutral doesn’t sound very good to me, I imagine its great for if I was trying create music, but for me when listening to music it just doesnt sound enjoyable, saying that my experience is very limited. I have heard this which could be a concern but I do have the option to return them if I end up hating them

I’d say it’s worth a shot trying them. If it’s too bright you can always switch to 880(pad swap for more bass) or tygr 300r which can be ran ampless in most cases

Yeah definitely, although 880 is $100 more and the tygr is almost $200 more which sucks

That’s rather dumb. All 3 are the same price here.

Yea give 990 a whirl… wont hurt and it will help you pin point your sound preferences. E10k is just fine. If the treble is too much I’d say mod it at that point which is very easy to do

Yeah otherwise i’d definitely be looking at 880’s first as they seem more like a safe bet. Being a newbie, is there any sound difference between the 80 ohm and 250 ohm version? Or is it entirely how hard it is to power them?

Couldnt I also just EQ the treble down or is that a bad idea?

Lower ohm variations of 990 aren’t that good honestly and tend to be on the brighter sound with 600 ohm being the most refined. Same signature just some alterations. It’s not particular hard to drive them you just need a strong amp.

Well yes but at 250 ohms you won’t be able too use eq with an e10k as eq requires more power

Okay thank you for the help, around Christmas sales I might be able to get a better amp, something like a topping L30 or Atom, would these be good for Dt990? Also could I use the E10k as a DAC for the amp or should I get a better one

You can use e10 as your dac it’s not too bad but you will get better sound from a dedicated unit. L30 and atom are alright, will recommend liquid spark over those though as it helps with the treble. These particular amps can run the 600 ohm 990

Edit depends on price all three of those amps are around the same price here

Just from a quick look I don’t think we get the liquid spark here in AU, I’m thinking if they go on sale at all I might go for a L30 amp and D10 DAC setup, although I think the E10k will be fine until then, thank you for the help