Help with CV mixer and amp wiring

I found an old DJ set up with a Cerwin Vega A200 amp and DM2 mixer. I am having trouble figuring out the wiring. I have read online two differnt methods of wiring the amp to mixer and the amp or mixer to the speakers. I scoured the www and cannot locate manuals for either. Is anyone out there familiar with this equipment.

I would guess the “Phono 1/2” and “Line 1/2” are inputs, “Program” is the main mix out and “Monitor” is meant to go into monitor speakers (or headphone amp).

The amplifier is easier: The RCA and 1/4" jack are the inputs belonging to the binding posts below them.

Thanks for the assist. I did get it working and it pounds pretty good. Need to get it out of the city for a louder trial.
Have to find cleaner material to run through it. Most of my stuff is web downloads and pretty tough to manage channels and sound quality.
Thanks again

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