Help with dac/ dac/amp combo

I’m facing alot of dilemma this month.

Now it’s the turn of choice between lyra 2 and bifrost or just the Burson conductor v2+.

price is around the same for second hand.

I currently have a topping E5O dac, L50, Xduoo Ta-26, MT-604, RNHP, and also a Hifiman EF 400 , which is on the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

the Lyr 2 isn’t as good as the 3… what Bifrost? the 2 is current and one to get. same for Asgard, get only the 3.

if they’re not the current gen models, the Burson.

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Thanks for the quick response. Bifrost is original not v2.
Asgard i can get 3 but its on its own, no Dac.
Price for asgard 3 is around 300usd.
I dont have much option to purchase Schiit as i live in thailand.
Have to make do with Buyee from japan. Huge selection of second hand but some stuff at inflated prices.

sorry there are 2 versions of the asgard 3 on sale.

195USD looks STD, and one with ES9028 for 300USD

the DAC for the Asgard 3 isn’t all that good, but as an amp it’s outstanding.

can you get iFi there? match it with s Zen DAC or Zen Air DAC would be good.

yeah zen dac is easy to get. Is signature significantly better?

ok, I’ll get the asgard 3 and then the zen can later.
Thanks for the help


The Zen has a warn / fun sound and if you get the DAC, not the Air DAC, you will have balanced output for when you get an amp that can take balanced input.

I have the Zen DAC og and the Zen CAN (dunno which version) and love em!

thanks, just ordered zen Dac V2. Will let you know my impression.

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