Help with gaming setup

Hey guys, previously I have been the idiot for buying a ‘gaming’ headset. Now I want to upgrade and do it all properly to a sort. I am looking for a pair of closed back headphones to suit gaming. Now I play a lot of casual games with friends but I also play a lot of escape from Tarkov which requires hearing the direction of enemies and their footsteps/ bullets, also need to be comfortable as I play for hours in a usual sitting. I would also like to power these with a dac+amp, and purchase a microphone as well (but this can be decided on later). Now my budget is around $400 AUD, if this needs to be stretched or can’t be done, Let me know.
Any help or direction is appreciated.

i also need help with a gaming set up as well but the combo I’m looking at right now is the Topping D30 dac and the JDS Labs Atom amp. I’m still a console pleb so i need the optical on the d30. and ill eventually buy a bluetooth modmic. the close back headphones i was looking at were the TAKSTER pro 82. Anyone have thoughts on my future setup?

Fortunately I only need this for pc. I was looking at the m40x with the zmf pads. But Living in Australia it’s going to cost a lot for just pads.

it its for PC then the only change you need to do to my setup is replace the Topping D30 with the D10.

Preferably want a dac+amp in a single unit and it also needs a mic input though

I play a little Escape from Tarkov when I first came out and sound was a VERY! Important in that game. If I were you I wouldn’t get a closed back headphone I’d go with something open back for a better sound stage.

so i have found out. I have been looking into the DT 990 pro as an open back option. what are your thoughts on this?

That’s the headphones I use are is perfect for what your looking for.

now i just gotta decide on a dac and amp correct? could you recommend anything to go and look at?

I use my dt 990 with a topping d10 and a monoprice liquid spark I highly recommend this pairing with the 990 because the amp really calms down the harsh highs and gives the headphone what I like to call big boy bass.

Thanks. I’ll check it out

Mayflower arc 250$ US, 209$ US refurbished. About the best all in one dac/amp/MIC unit. Sennheiser has the g1000/g1200 with dac/amp/mic for cheaper, but not as good sounding or as powerful. Avoid the 25$ one on amazon(forget the name, sorry) as it does not support or work with windows 10. Look up Sivga open backs. Forget the model name of the opens, 006 maybe? For closed backs, the Monoprice retros + brainwave xl pads are hard to beat for less then a couple hundred. They have an insanely wide soundstage for closed back. And costs about 55$ total. Couple other options to consider.

And I always recommend the cooler master h751/752. For around 80(60 on sale all the time) they are a true value. They use takstar drivers and have a very good mic built in. The soundstage is decently wide, and very precise.

Hope some of this helps!