Help with HD58x AMP/DAC choice

Heyo, I just got my HD58x, they’re dope af(a little bit bigger soundstage would have been nice tho), and im already getting ready to order an AMP and DAC(all in one or a stack, doesnt matter). I’m currently looking at IFI Zen DAC(maybe CAN too), Topping E30/L30 stack, Lake People G103-S, Loxjie D30. But i can’t really decide on my own so Im asking for some advice. I basically listen to everything, depends on the day, but if i have to say most of the music would be Electronic, Hip-Hop/Rap, movie and video game OSTs. Also a lot of gaming too, when it comes to casual and competitive it would be 50/50 split. What would you recommend me? Something else? Mixed stack maybe? Btw I’m from Europe so Schiit is unavailable. Cheers

Just got the price quota for Lake People G103-S and it’s 305 eur (365usd). Is that an OK price for just an amp? If i would go iFi Zen DAC + CAN that would be the same price. Loxjie D30 is 160 eur without customs and would have to wait for some time. Topping E30/L30 stack would run me around 360 eur.

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I’d say the g103s is the superior amp option, but doesn’t include a DAC. The price seems on the high side, though. Thomann has it listed at €225, as does if you can find a Soekris 1321 or can wait on the new 1221, it should be a great pairing.

What do you expect to power in the future? The 58x isn’t really source gear picky and vibes with most gear the easier factor to be honest are your future plans audio wise.

Regarding the g103s the €305 is with shipping, tax and customs. And even if i could manage to get the Soekris 1321 somehow, it would blow my budget by a lot. Budget for dac and amp is €400 max. I’m in a tight spot here, most of the stuff is hard to come by and costs 20-30% more than the rest of the EU. I am from Serbia btw.

I’m not 100% sure what would my next purchase be but it wont be in the next 2 years at least, i got into the hifi gear recently but Sundaras, LCD-2C, K712, DT1990 are looking sweet.

Yes is an amp that is pretty overpriced and definitely at the same price an even at a lower price you will find better quality/price options the topping stack and the if i zen DAC without the can are both valid option and good enough for the hd58x

Alright, thanks. I’m mostly leaning towards the zen DAC right now, if i do get it should i just power it with the usb cable or get a separate power unit?

Probably the separate power supply will improve the sound a bit but it will not be night and day difference so if is worth the price is up to you.

I’ll see how it goes, probably gonna get something till the end of the month and go from there. Thanks

I have the HD58X + iFI Zen dac. I power it through USB 3, unbalanced and it’s plenty powerful enough. I love the Truebass button, it’s very addictive.