Help with hifi build/equipment ID

Hi everyone, I’m new here. Attempting to piece together a hifi system from various estate sales. These are the items I’ve picked up so far, feel free to give opinions regarding price and quality of item.

2x Bose 301-series 4 bookshelf speakers with stands 135$

Wharfedale modus sub-bass 8ohm 100w
Wharfedale modus cube speakers w/o top tweeters x2 37.50$ For sub and cubes

Pioneer t-6100 r2r , powers up but needs belts. 45$

The wharfe sub has a metal box with potentiometer and what looks like a power jack, is this a custom mounted amp?

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Correction t-6600 r2r.
And here is a close up of the metal box on outside of sub.

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thats an amp module. added on later. thats originally a passive sub. heres a pic of the back without the module.

edit: the pioneer… real to real is a very expensive format to get into these days. great show piece just to have around. but be warned, the cost of playing anything is high as real to real is very rare these days.

the boses look like they are in good shape, which gives you a pretty good deal on them. sound quality wise, they are good speakers. given you like the bose sound. some do, some dont.

as far as the cube speakers and sub. personally, since i dont mine some diy, i buy just about any speakers i find under 50$. good aftermarket drivers are cheap. cheaper than speaker boxes. so even if they suck, you get a cheap speaker box.

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Thanks josh, I am aware of the r2r being a pretty expensive endeavor, I’m fascinated by 7 1/2 ips though, I hear it sounds better than vinyl in many instances, so it’ll be worth a belt kit just to see if I can get it going. I believe there is a switch that closes when you load tape into the head, so until I get my hands on a tape I can’t fully test it.

I still need a receiver, cd deck, turntable, etc for my Frankenstein Hifi build. But I have media to test those formats. Can’t wait til the next estate sale.
Really have my heart set on vintage pioneer receiver. Sx-1080 or 1280 refurbed. Maybe a refurb pl-530 turntable, but I’m going to get whatever I find just to get these speakers thumping as soon as possible and upgrade from there.

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craiglist and ebay are also good sites for vintage gear. ebay has a lot of over priced stuff, but you can find some deals and you can almost always find fixer-uppers for cheap.