Help with mic setup / audio interface

Hello community!

So I decided to get my first ever PC build lately. I didn’t have one since I was a kid and I am really happy with it. I mainly use it for gaming and it was a big step up from sony’s playstation. After a few months now I am considering to get proper headphones as well, since I have only my old hyper clouds. I addressed this in an other topic as well and I got lots of help. Long story short: Since the headphones have no mic attached, I would like to have a separate mic setup including an mic boom arm (if this is the correct word). For the boom arm I would rather choose the “rode psa1” or the “blue compass”.

My problem is now: What mic to choose and if needed what audio interface?

Equipment I have:

  • SE electronics v3 (mic)
  • Boss RC505 (possible to use as audio interface?)

If this is not sufficient, I have found the following Audio interfaces and would like to know if one of them is a good choice:

  • Steinberg UR22C
  • M-Audio Air 192|6
  • Roland Rubix22
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen
  • GO XLR Mini

If important, here are my PC specs:
Corsair RM850x V2
Corsair 32 GB KIT DDR4 3200 MHz
WD Black 2TB
Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2 TB
NZXT Kraken Z63

SAMSUNG Gaming Monitor Odyssey G7

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day all!

Get the cheapest bm-800 setup you can find on Amazon. It’s better than you’d ever believe and overkill for anything other than professional recording. The tech is old and there’s no excuse for it to cost real money.

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With the mic and interface you already have, you should be good to go with either one of those boom arms you’re looking at. I think you’re set to do some trial recordings/streams and go from there!

I recommend doing some voice recordings with the gear you have, and then listen back to them and figure out what to change from there. If the plosives from your voice are annoying, consider a cheap pop filter between the mic and you.