Help with technics amp

Hi all,
Hopefully I’m posting the right section?!
I have just bought a second hand Technics Su-x101 along with the SL-PJ27A CD player. The CD player seems fine and shows it playing tracks. However, there is no sign from the speakers. I have tried a second set of speakers I know are working and still no sound. If I turn the volume right up on the amp I can hear tinny type music sound coming from within the amp. Does this mean the bit which controls the output to the speakers is knackered? Any suggestions? Many thanks, Dawn.

:warning: Unplug before any of the following! Beware of capacitors holding charge! You are doing this at your own risk.

There probably is a service manual floating on the internet. If you don’t have that on hand already, go search for it.

Take the top off and give the board(s) a visual inspection, maybe even a “smell test”.
Could be anything really, bad solder connection on a binding post to blown output stage.

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OK thanks, will have a look :+1: