Help with upgrade - Is it worth it?

I’m thinking of getting the DT 900 Pro X and I also currently have the active speakers Eris Presonus 3.5. (I currently use them hooked up to my motherboard via RCA (speaker) - 3.5mm (motherboard).)

I was wondering since I was going to update the headphones and although I’ve heard the DT 900 are easy to drive, would I benefit at all with a dac/amp where I would hook up my speakers too?

I was looking into the Fiio e10k or the K7.

What I’m thinking is… if I can improve both the headphones and the speakers the investment is worth it but if it’s only the headphones then it’s pointless as they can probably run fine connected to the motherboard.

Budget: amp and DAC let’s say around 300€.

I’m going to be using it mostly for gaming, films and music (but MOSTLY gaming - Apex Legends).
I do use discord so if the dac/amp had a mic input it would be great otherwise I’m just gonna look for a mic that I can connect directly to the PC save me the trouble.

I ws told by a wise man in another forum that the change in sound would be impossible to tell but he also told me to double check everything he told me in that post. (wise indeed)

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve had the DT900 a couple of times and they aren’t hard to drive. I’d try them first and see if they get loud enough and you should be set. Most onboard motherboard DAC’s are pretty good if you turn off Windows enhancements, it’s usually the power that’s lacking. If anything, I’d recommend the Soundblaster X1 which I have, and the 7.1 is great for gaming, and drives most things. It adjusts up to 2.4volts at over 150 ohm, and even powers the DT880 600ohm, though it’s at max volume to get loud, sounds good. Just don’t use the SuperXFI mode, it’s a waste of time (press the button for it and you’ll hear right away why I say that).

Thanks for the feedback.

What I am mostly trying to understand is if the speakers would also benefit.
But I guess not.
I will probably just get the headphones and then take it from there.