Help with upgrade

Still very new to all this
Current setup is
Mest OG + hiby R3 pro Saber

Read getting a better source will open up The IEM and richin the sound. Dont want to upgrade my mest OG as I am extremely happy with its wonky sound ( I LOVE wonky Fun iem)
and dont think at this price range of what I got the OG for $650
I can do better
( tried the ie600 , Clairs, meXT, as well as 1K+ iem like noble KK, trio, VE phonix , EXT, elysium , fourte , u12T , u18, noble khan, mest mkii ie900!! and still LOVE the OG the best then KK and fourte ) cant really afford a 1k iem
so want to upgrade my R3PS instead !

Want to make a significant upgrade which would be worth the step up.

Would the RU6 or paw s2 be a big enough step up upgrade or Would a MOJO OG , OG xdsd , xcan ( probably can get either of those for $150-$200) connected to my Iphone 11 be a significant upgrade from the R3PS ? Probably will sell the R3PS … or should i connect the dac/amp directly to R3PS instead of my iphone and keep it?
I stream tidal but I HATE using stream on this little gadget and rather have my phone to type and search albums as I usually search around alot for new albums of which I haven’t heard before .

How much of a jump is the xdsd to the gryphoj ? In sound wise only I do understand they added the screen and bunch of features! Or spend 400-500 USD and But a mojo2/gryphon ?

I found a mojo OG for 175 and and a xdsd for 175. Would
Me stacking them together be really good
Setup almost like a
Gyrphon + mojo2 stack


Thanks in advance!! Sorry for my bad english grammar!!

@M0N might have some good ideas.
@Ohmboy may too.

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Have a hiby R3 pro saber + mest OG

Looking to see if
Paw s2 is a significant upgrade
With a iphone 11

Or is a mojo OG , xdsd OG a better upgrade
With a iphone 11 will sell my r3ps

All above basically can be bought at the same price

Or Would a stack of mojo OG + xdsd / xcan be a nicely stack audiophile setup ? Both can be bought for 170ish USD Total $360 ish!

While I personally think something like a ru6, s2, or actually I’d also want to mention the luxury and precision w2, would be a slight jump in performance, but personally I think going higher would be a better idea as you’ll probably get a better jump there

While the mest appreciates better sources it’s actually not all that picky from my experience, so there’s a decent amount of directions you can go

Gotcha, then dongle or dac/amp it is lol

Wow great price on the mojo there, I’d probably just use it on its own. Might be worth picking up just to try at that point and go from there, it would be an upgrade to any of the aforementioned dongles imo

So for what to consider, what sort of sound are you after? What are your priorities and what do you want to focus on? What do you currently like about the hiby and what would you change (sound wise)?

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