Help with vinyl-only music

This is what I get for listening to satellite radio. :stuck_out_tongue: I heard something I really liked on the jazz channel (The Third Cup by Eddie Fisher). Shopping online, I found that the album was probably never released in digital format for consumer purchase. If anyone can find a legit, uncompressed digital version, please let me know.

In the meantime, what are those of us without turntables supposed to do? I really, really don’t want to buy, store, and care for a turntable that I might use once a year when I find music that I want that’s only on vinyl. Are there legal professional services that will do this for you for less than an arm and a leg? I mean, it seems kind of iffy - you bring in (or mail) your vinyl disc and a flash drive, they rip it at whatever resolution you agree on, charge you a fee, and send you on your way with the disc and digital copy… is this the honor system? Do you sign something saying you won’t post the digital file online? Agree not to turn around and re-sell the disc without destroying the digital copy?

Kind of a gray area - I suspect that selling your CDs and keeping the rips you made is technically illegal, even though “everyone does it,” and it’s probably the same with LPs, 45s, cassettes, etc.

Thoughts? Solutions? Suggestions?

I’m sure there are others out there providing the service. Here is one I found off a quick search. $30 per LP. This is something I am interested in as well since I have some vinyl I would like to have digital versions of as well.

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