Helping a buddy out from greece but we need help for more options

he wants to buy something for his 30 ohm meze 99 neo as well as the 250ohm dt 990 pro that he will be buying in the future.

current considerations are sound blaster g6
fiio e10k
and fiio k3
his budget is 100-150 Euros
I suggested the k5 pro but he got euro taxed and is 170 euros

here are the site we are using
just asking to see if you guys spot anything in these sites that would be better options or just general suggestions on what to do

No atom or liquid spark available?

What about the ifi zen dac?

dont think so greece and europe dont really have any monoprice and JDS labs is pretty landlocked to the US. even here in canada we get a bit screwed

Nothing on amazon international?

Yeah my pick would be the zen dac if he can

good idea hopefully the $7 is a flat rate cause the LS is available for me for $114 plus $7 international shipping

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damn zen dacdoesnt shiip out the county and the k5 pro doesn’t either but the monoprice gear seems to

That would work well then as long as he had a line out

Ah, I had just found it on one of the site you linked

I kinda didn’t look at the other sites tho because I can’t read them lol

damn nice
i’ll bring it out to him

how does it compare to the k5 pro in terms of power and quality?

So nowhere near the power but still very good quality. It sounds better out of the balanced so if he could get cheaper balanced cables that would be great. That being said I feel like he should have no issues because he has fairly easy to drive headphones.

The ifi has a warmer more thick house sound compared to the more balanced k5 pro

amazon internation is now out the question 25% tax fucks it

as long as it’s noticably more powerful than the e10k it should be fine cause the 990 gets enough power from the e10k to be loud but I feel needs a little bit more juiceto really make it shine

The warmer signature of the ifi might be beneficial as well for controlling treble

true. his question not mine I just want an answer from someone who knows about this better than me
“Will it be able to drive 250 or 300ohm headphones? Also how does it compare to something like the audioquest red usb dac?”

So I think it can, but if you could use the balanced connection it would be better at doing do imo. I like the Zen dac more than the dragonfly red because of the sound signature and the power output. Does he already have a dragonfly red?

no but it is a rather popular DAC and even people not really keeping trackj with all the new stuff love to bring it up

True, it is pretty popular. I would personally take the zen dac but I don’t think one is clearly superior over the other

Thanks MON helpful as always the Zen seems to be it. just gonna see what he thinks