Here is some snakeoil!

consider yourself ejumicated! your welcome. :smiley:


it’s terrible that people actually buy these thinking they’ll do something…

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I’m glad they’re doing this, but I’ve got a bad feeling that they’re going to take this too far eventually and “disprove” legitimate things. Can’t really place my finger on what, because it’s just a gut feeling, but it’s there.


Products like shown are hilariously ridiculous.

Yes, filtering power is important, but that can be done with five components for less than $1 in BOM cost.
Reading material for those looking for a starting point:


that would likely only happen when personal bias gets involved…like a badmouthing a company after they have a bad experience with them or some such.

there may have been instances of LTT being aresholes as I don’t follow them, but I’d hope that if they say something and then get called on it / proven wrong, they would retract, correct, apologize and then carry on.

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