Here's a crazy topic to discuss: Ear Canal Size Fluctuations

I’ve been experiencing something strange with my IEMs and have been wondering if I’m alone.

Here’s the thing… If I use foam tips on an IEM in my ears for a while, when I go back to a silicone tip IEM that I know fits me perfectly, I’m shocked when I try to seat it in my ear and it’s loose and doesn’t fit properly. I’ve needed to move up a tip size to get a proper fit.

I don’t experience this going from silicon to silicone, but I do moving from foam. I’m wondering if the foam is pushing against my ear canal hard enough to enlarge the opening for a while. IT’s worth adding that it appears my ear canal size returns to the proper size over time.

I’m really interested if anyone has experienced anything like this or if I am alone. Would enjoy hearing any of your fit stories (like this topic) you’d be willing to share.

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It’s probably because of the area is Elastic Cartilage (tissue or fibers etc), skin and few tiny muscles that surrounds the canal itself. Like you can move/lift the ear so canal also has tiny amount of flex before the actual Temporal Bone.
The tip sizes don’t change that much so if use tiny bigger, makes sense the tiny bit smaller fits easier after that.

If someone “plugs” the you know what. You start small and go big, the smaller one fits much easier. Muscles do flex is what i kinda am writing.

Since the ear bones and everything related in the ear area, are so fragile. Would not advise anyone to “flex” the ear canal with IEM tips or with anything else in search of better or different audio sound.

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