Herman Miller/Office Chairs

Out of curiosity, does anyone own a Herman Miller (or even more specifically the Aeron)? I wanted to know if it is worth the extra money, especially if I will be sitting on it every day.
I currently have a high-tier mesh-based chair from Office Max that broke a bit and is not the most comfortable anymore.

My office uses the Aeron or the SteelCase Leap V2. I preferred the Leap because of the more adjustment options and found it more comfortable for me. Those who chose the Aerons love it. The Aeron is solid, don’t think you could go wrong.


There are better (read more comfortable/ergonomic) chairs in the price range.

I don’t like the seat borders on the Herman Miller Chairs, they are hard spots that can cause discomfort.
I use a Human Scale Freedom chair.

Chairs are very personal things, even if you end up buying online, I’d try and find a physical store you can try chairs in before purchase.

The advantage of expensive chairs is they actually last, I bought my Human Scale 15 years ago and I’m now at the point of considering having it re-upholstered or replacing it. My wife has gone through 4 or 5 “cheap” chairs in that time.

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Thank you for the responses and I agree with everything. I know it’s a big purchase, but I also know it will last double digit years. I’ve sat on an Aeron and liked it a lot.

So side note, Amazon renewed has an Aeron for $399, worth? Or not worth the refurb risk?

there are a lot of sub-brands that are providing similar comfort for about half the price. I had just bought a chair and then all these advertisements came up. ticked me off!

wish I could remember some of them…but my brain is turning a blank.

Emphatically yes. I’ve owned a couple of Herman Miller office chairs, never the Aeron, currently. There are bargains out there but the build, fit & finish always leave a lot to be desired. Currently using a Mirra 2, handed down my old Celle to my son.

Piece of advise, if you’re willing to shop around buy used or refurbed returned. People always try these and send them back if they’re not happy so there’s usually always a good pool of open box stock. They’re like buying a car, once they’re used the resale value drops a good chunk.

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New chair by Herman Miller/Logitech



note they’re $100 more than the non gaming Embody.

And no even any RGB LED’s to make it “gaming”…


A couple years ago I bought a $1000 Steel case “Gesture” since I was tired mediocre chairs that fell apart after a few years. It’s the best and most adjustable chair I’ve ever owned. I don’t think this chair is the best option for anyone considering it’s price. But if you don’t live near a store that carries good office furniture, it’s a safe bet.

The Aeron was the runner selection on the wire cutter. That one costs $1400 lol

We have the Aerons at work as well. They are perfectly fine. The only bit I am not crazy about is the lumbar support “pad”, which is hard to adjust and just plain hard in general. CNN just published this last week: us.cnn.com/2020/07/15/cnn-underscored/best-office-chairs/index.html

Steelcase for me as like you said the adjustments are there. I can finally get something to support my big back and deeper lumbar