Hi is msr7b with zen dac good?

hallo,msr7b is a good headphone?
i want to use it with ifi zen dac with 4.4 cable. i like to listen vocal songs especially female focal and decent sound stage. is it worth it?


I have the msr7b but I am not using the balanced cable yet. I use them with a fiio K3 and they sound really nice, specially since the dac bump the bass.

MSR7 doesn’t have decent soundstage, they sound pretty much closed, closer to IEMs than to closed headphones, let alone open headphones. It has very good imaging and can be used for gaming too.

MSR7 should be bought for the intended purpose, meaning for portable use, on the go.

Instead they are pretty good for female vocals, it has pinchy sibilance, a thing not even HD800 has.

For female vocals I think the akg k361 would be a better choice. The msr7 is a bit unforgiving and can be a bit too sharp