HiBy R5 Saber MQA help


First post for me.

I have a HiBy R5 Saber, and I am trying to pass MQA to my Topping D90 MQA dac via the usb-c port on the R5. Using Tidal, and a usb-c to printer cable which is brand new, I’ve also tried others.

Although I can pass Hi-Rez, it won’t do MQA.

Any ideas?


Side question for you. I just bought an r5. Do you have problems with the physical play/pause, and skip tracks not responding in an app? I have that with Amazon music?

Hey. No glitches yet, everything OK. Haven’t had it that long, just using Tidal not Amazon.

Maybe try uninstall reinstall.

That worked

Glad it worked!