HiBy R5 Saber *static*

Something I have noticed lately, that the R5 will randomly produce some static noise for the first couple of seconds of any given track. It doesn’t seem to do it with full albums I don’t think, but when it switches over to “live radio” mode if you want to call it that. Or it will do it sometimes when I switch albums on the fly.

It does this whether I’m running my wireless Vista’s or wired DM8’s, so it’s not a connection/amp issue.

I know it does this in Tidal, but not sure if it does it with Qobuz. I’ll have to test that out.

Anyone ever experience something like this?

Well, since this is such a hot topic, I’ll answer my own question… I’ve figured out that it has to be something with Tidal as it has not once done it with Qobuz.

Necro posting as I also have an R5s.

As far as I know it happens when changing bitrate.