Hiby R5 vs R6 vs R6 pro Aluminium Alloy

I just bought the Hiby 6 pro SS, I know i am going to love it already, i am searching for some everyday DAP, where i can bring to places i don’t trust like work and such, it doesn’t mean my work is not safe, i just want something that sounds awesome, easy to use, somewhat easy to carry around, And just works flawlessly in everyday situations. I am also kind of the i want all the bells and whistles kind of guy, I can go a tiny tiny bit lower on the bells and whistles, That’s about it.

What about a hiby r3 pro?

I know about that but i would like a bigger screen

Have you considered a used LG V20 or V30? They are great DAPs for the price, you don’t even have to use it as a phone, and the quad DAC feature with high output power sounds great from what I hear.

I’d personally save the money and get the aluminum version. It’s lighter and cheaper. But if you want the SS version and are willing to pay the difference then I completely understand.

I have the R6 pro SS already, so i am looking for something lighter and just as good as the R6 pro in every way.

I mean the R5 is kind of the basic version of that. But personally I don’t see the reason for 2 DAPs of similar strength, but if you want to get that, it is a very good option.

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