Hidizs AP80 Pro - Multi disc album handling

Hi all
I just got myself a AP80 pro to use with a pair of Tin T3s. I having a lot of fun with them but I run into a little problem I can’t find a solution.

I have most of my albums as single Flac files with cue files to sort out the tracks and have been using MusicBee to sort out the albums/tracks tags. Problem is, when I first got my music onto the AP80 most of my multi-disc albums were showing as separate albums, which is ok for some albums but definitely not ideal for live albums.

I tried to manually manipulate the cue files adding disc1/disc2 info and making sure they have the same “title”, that made the discs appear under the the same album, however, the AP80 did not read the disc info so the track order is messed up like:
track 1 disc 1
track 1 disc 2
track 2 disc 1
track 2 disc 2

Any ideas on how I could remedy that?