Hidizs AP80 Pro

Technical Specifications:-

Dual High-performance DAC Chips, ES9218P.
PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128.
Samsung 2.45” IPS Display(480x360 Display Resolution).
Master Chip Ingenic X1000.
CNC Aluminium Body with Stereoscopic glass on the back.
Japanese ALPS Volume Knob.
Smooth Hiby OS3.0.
Bi-directional Bluetooth support with Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity.
Hi-Res Bluetooth Codecs support including LDAC, AptX, and More.
Dual Output Port, 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced.
Output Power(single-ended): 70mW+70mW @ 32 ohms.
Output Power(balanced): 190mW+190mW @ 32 ohms.
SNR: Up to 120dB.
Dynamic Range: up to 116dB.
Dual Gain Modes:- High/Low.
Battery: 800mAh.
Battery life: Up to 13 hours on single-ended, up to 9 hours on balanced output.
MicroSD card support up to 512GB.
USB Type-C Charging Port.

Learn more: https://hifigo.com/blogs/news/hidizs-ap80-pro-comes-with-dual-dac-dsd256-hifigo

The frame of the player feels really too little to bear a 4.4. Well they kinda provided it with OH80 amp. It is a good match with AP80Pro letting it drive smoothly more demanding iems (Oriolus Isabellae, UM 3DT). I will try AP80Pro - X with that too, some day.

Please give me the full review after trying ap80 pro

I’ve been seeing Hidizs grow from a modest domestic single-product startup to an internationally recognised portable HiFi gear brand over the past few years. My knowledge spans all aspects of their audio technology, including the AP100, AP200, AP60, AP60Pro, AP80 DAPs, all IEMs, cable DAC converters, stand-alone DACs, and so on. I can’t say that everyone of them had perfect performances, but none of them failed to meet audio quality requirements. I still adore my old AP100 and find the AP80 to be the most practical. Hidizs was also the first to use HiBy OS with its superb HiBy link option, which has since become the gold standard for a variety of contemporary DAPs from other vendors.

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