Hidizs S3 for Tablet?

i got a Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 through work.
I am supposed to work with it and can also use it in private.
I have now installed Deezer on it and am still waiting for my E-Mu Purpelheart headphones from Massdrop which is on the way.

Yesterday I was looking for small Dac’s and found the Hidizs S3 which is currently on sale.
That should be enough to listen to music in better resolution?
I also found the Ibasso Dc 02 Nuprime HiDac which is a bit more expensive.
The whole thing should be more practically oriented, nothing clunky, because I still have to work with it.

Are there any opinions about the Hidizs S3 or better something else?
Or is a portable Dac better?
Is the Chip inside from the Hidizs S3 okay?