Hidizs S3 for Tablet?

i got a Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 through work.
I am supposed to work with it and can also use it in private.
I have now installed Deezer on it and am still waiting for my E-Mu Purpelheart headphones from Massdrop which is on the way.

Yesterday I was looking for small Dac’s and found the Hidizs S3 which is currently on sale.
That should be enough to listen to music in better resolution?
I also found the Ibasso Dc 02 Nuprime HiDac which is a bit more expensive.
The whole thing should be more practically oriented, nothing clunky, because I still have to work with it.

Are there any opinions about the Hidizs S3 or better something else?
Or is a portable Dac better?
Is the Chip inside from the Hidizs S3 okay?

Since nobody answered, I wanted to report about it anyway.

A few months have passed since I got the Emu purpelheart and the S3.

To the Emu Purpleheart: The perfect companion for on the road, I have become very fond of it and even prefer it to the Dt770.
Because it simply doesn’t have the concise bass, but it is strong enough. in the middles it is very natural and playfully light and there it shines the most. the highs there are not always up to the top but sufficient and for on the road it is very good. all in all it is very round, warm and soft tuned. it is fun to listen to music with it.
The comfort is also excellent and the isolation excellent.
Unfortunately I have to agree with Massdrop, the optics may look weird, but he still attracts attention, even from women who probably like the color :grin:. So who is still single for a flirt is the Purpleheart open and who knows maybe you will not find his Purpleheart.
The headphones are really worth the 75$ and I can recommend them.

To the S3 dongle.

If I put the Emu Purpleheart into the working tablet of a Samsung Galaxy tab Active 2 and let Tidal run without the dongle.
I can say that compared to the Ipad it smears and the tablet has zero chance against the Ipad.
The Ipad is simply superior.

With the dongle it looks different again.
The volume gets generally louder and you get more deep and powerful bass. the mids and highs also increase normally. this makes it more comfortable to listen to music with the tablet on the Samsung. it usually takes a couple of minutes until it works properly.
With the dongle the stage opens noticeably than without it.
As an example I can mention the absorbent cotton for comparison.
Without the dongle everything sounds as if wrapped in absorbent cotton.
When I take the absorbent cotton away I get a big oohhhyyyeeaaarrr yeeesss.

Unfortunately I have not yet bought an adapter for the Ipad where I could test the dongle.
In comparison the bass is not much stronger on the Ipad and does not go down as low as with the Samsung tablet with Dongel.

All in all I like listening to music with the Samsung tablet a bit better with the S3 on it than on the Ipad without Dongel, because it sounds more tuned, lighter, goes lower and gets out what is possible.

For on the road this is sufficient in itself, you don’t have to do without much except Dsd.
And see it as an inexpensive alternative for very good.
For about $100 I plug in the tablet and can enjoy music at almost dap level without having to dig deep into my pocket. $75 for the Emu Purpleheart and $25 for the S3 that was on sale at the time.
With the Samsung Tablet I have extended the memory so that all my music is also on the way with it.
I can also recommend the S3 Dongel.
It is worth its money and makes the Android system a better one, and runs better than without the dongle, and the power consumption is relatively low, it won’t suck the battery out in 2-3 hours, with a full charge I get 12-14 hours.
And with Tidal Hifi it gets along very well, without wanting to make advertisement now.
I had Deezer before which was good but Tidal is a little bit better at the end.

What I miss is that there is no adapter for the Ipad in the package, otherwise there is an adapter for Usb C to Usb for the Pc use.
Since we are talking about pc or notebooks, the S3 can also be used on them in case.
It can also be used on Smartphone.

For more information visit the Hidizs Homepage.