Hifi/Audio/Entertainment Setup Sharing

Overall shot with OnePlus 7 Pro, Only Vignette and Contrast adjusted. Custom Desk with Solid Wood Top Dark Brown Finish, Dimensions 180cm x 75cm x 75cm.

Vertical monitor, Armageddon Pixxel Elite EF27QHD.

Main monitor, Samsung M7 32" 4K Smart Monitor with Baseus Monitor Light Bar.

ROG Zephyrus GX531GW Gaming Laptop.

Denafrips Iris DDC, Denafrips Ares II DAC.

Bluesound Node 2021 Music Streamer.

Asus Strix Arion SSD for Music Files Storage.

SMSL DA9 Power Amp, Cayin IHA-6 Headphone Amp.

Entreq Magma Slim Energy Transforming Feet.

Hifiman Arya V2.

Custom Kimber Kable with Eidolic and Furutech Connectors.

Fyne Audio F300 Bookshelf Speakers with Isoacoustic Iso130 Speaker Stand.

Custom Solid Acrylic Block Weight for Speakers.

Shanling UP5 Portable Bluetooth Dongle and Moondrop Stardust IEM.

FiFine K690 Dynamic Mic.

Xbox Series X/S Controller Carbon Black and Nitho Xbox Controller Charging Dock.

Glorious Model O Wireless Mouse and Mstone Tempered Glass Wrist Rest.

Keychron K1 v4 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard.

DIY Terrarium Kit.

IKEA LÅNESPELARE Mug Holder and Stainless Steel Mug.

Vamos DB35C Dry Cabinet for Headphones and Cables storage.

Definitive Technology Prosub 800 Subwoofer.

Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Transducer/Shaker pair with Arya and Amps for surround entertainment.

Cable Management Railing.

Secretlab 2022 Titan Evo XL Leatherette Gaming Chair.

Govee Flow Plus Light Bar.

Yeelight Lightstrip.

Unexpected, Behind the scene view. :sweat_smile:. Only Audiophiles understand.


One word for your set-up in total (equipment, set-up, work/play space ambiance)… Fricken gorgeous!!! Ok, two words lol. Simply awesome, thanks for sharing!


Thanks man…oh man… really flattered by your words.
Do share yours. I’m trying to make a great thread here. Hopefully we will see some great inspiration here for all. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by👍🏻

I hadn’t heard of the Vamos dry cabinets. As someone who lives in a very dusty place, they are a great option at a very reasonable price.

(And congrats on your setup!)

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Thanks man :+1:t2:,

I think this Vamos is some China OEM brands, basically there are many same generic type and function ones out there. I bought it from my local online store around 70USD.

Very useful indeed, especially in a country of 80% humidity average daily.

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any idea where to get those cabinets online for that kind of deal?

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I got it here,


But Ive tried to find in Amazon…price no where near this unfortunately.

so…nobody else has any nice setup to challenge NXM?

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Ohhh sorry, misunderstood…I’m not here to challenge. :sweat_smile:

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it’s sharing, meaning a friendly competition of dick swinging, where it’s okay to drool and show our envy, LoL!!!

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Hahaha…good one. Yeah in other words…lol damn.

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