HiFi Beginner looking for 1st Gear (DAC/AMP + Headphones)

I’ve been using only gaming headsets or in-ear headphones so far and wanted to invest a little bit in my first hifi gear. Would the Sennheiser HD 58X + xDuoo XD05 Plus be a good combo to start? Don’t want to start with too crazy gear, just want something to have as a good baseline from where i can maybe work my way up over the years. :grinning:

i don’t have a 58x but I do have the xd-05 plus and I would say it would be a great starter. I use mine with the bluetooth attachment and I really like not feeling like im tied down to my table. Can power 600 ohm beyerdynamics from my experience. Sometimes you can find these used at really great prices.
Can also be upgraded down the line with a burson v5i-d opamp so a little more life can be added to the device if your feeling an itch for upgrade.

I also use it to power my beyers when I want to play on the ps4 with 600 ohm headphones.

if you wanted a portable unit yes it works just fine… but it’s $250 which is over the price of a dedicated dac and dedicated amp. If you don’t need the portability I would recommend something like the Ifi zen dac + zen can, Monoprice Spark Stack, Schiit Magni + Modi stack, Topping A30 + D30 Stack(or the better option of L30+E30), or JDS Atom stack. Keep in mind shopping on the used markets can net you one of these stacks for only around $140 minimum excluding the zen dac and l30 stack

Sennheisers pretty much fit anywhere so yeah, this will be just fine less you don’t like its comfort. You don’t really need a very strong amp at all to drive the 58x jubilee and in some cases people can actually drive this off their phone and motherboard so I would also suggest looking there to make sure you really need to spend on the amp and dac at this moment.

Though depending on the gaming there may be better options. If it’s competitive I would recommend maybe a Beyerdynamic instead or if casual well theres a plethora of headphones that work on casual depending on sound tastes. Really up to you… but I would definitely say 58x jubilee is a fantastic starting point to anybody just getting into higher grade sound on their games

portability is not that important, mostly want to use it at home.

hmm. i guess i could order the headphones first and see how they are by themselves.

don’t worry, the headset i use at the moment is sufficient for gaming. i was more looking into music with these new hifi headphones.

than like I said, I would just recommend grabbing one of the stacks there above… you save money and still gain that great sound.

you will always get a better sound out of the amp and dac but it’s worth a shot if you want to save a bit of money for a little while to get a better setup later on for it.

for music sennheisers are known for their vocals and balanced sound, if thats your preference than most definitely the 58x will work very well

Just a quick update: Just ordered the 58x. No idea how long the shipping to germany will take, but i’ll give you another update once they arrived and i had a chance to test them out. Kinda excited tbh :smiley:


Oh and btw, at the moment i am using this headset:

maybe someone here who had them can give a comparison, but i guess the difference will be like night and day :sweat_smile:

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They finally arrived a few days ago. I’m driving them on their own, just connected to the PC. So far i really like them, but i think they got a lot more potential.

Sidenote: Does anyone have experience with hi-res audio stuff? Is it worth to buy some albums to test these headphones out on their own? Or would you need a DAC and or AMP to fully take advantage of that kind of stuff?