First time posting here. I’m hoping someone has had a positive experience doing business with hifi-express.com. I purchased an amp a little over a week ago and received their automatic reply and another email saying the item had shipped, but it left the tracking number blank. I’ve sent them several messages via email and their chat, but they won’t respond, which is concerning.

Does anyone know if they are legitimate? I’m considering calling my bank and trying to reverse the charge.

Welcome to the forum! I haven’t used them myself but I found a thread on Head-Fi which suggests that you are not alone in having a bad experience with them after placing an order.

Thanks a bunch!

Not sure what to do

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I think your two options are either to try and cancel through your credit card company but I would send an email to hifi express first to let them know. Or you could just wait and hope that the product arrives as it does sound like people receive the products eventually

have you logged into your account to see if there is any tracking information listed for that particular order?

I didn’t create an account, but when I review my order on their website there is no tracking number. I did try to track with the Shop app, but that also does not provide any real shipping information.

They were very responsive when I asked a question about the product I ended up buying, but haven’t responded to any of my inquiries about shipping, which is too bad because I would have liked to have found a reliable source for a few of the Chinese brands they supposedly carry.

I’ve had the exact opposite experience with Apos, who are terrific.

I had a bad experience with them, but it was through eBay. Bought an SMSL SA300, it took 4 months to arrive. Given, it was around the middle of last year, (between April and September) but they would not try and make anything even when it was past 1 month the supposed arriving time. They keep saying I should wait until they simply stopped responding. The amp arrived, but it was more of a surprise than anything. Even the shipping company hadn’t give me an answer to where it was, and they considered the package “missing”.

From what is worth, I don’t make business with them anymore and recommend people don’t also.

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Wow. 4 months? Sounds like I need to cancel my payment/order. This confirms my suspicions that they are not a legitimate business. They told me that I would receive my order within 10-15 days, which is still possible technically as it’s only been a week, but it doesn’t explain why they won’t respond to my requests for a tracking number.

I will try to warn others on various forums if this turns out to be a scam.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to be clear, the only time I’ve heard from them is BEFORE I purchased an amp. They assured me that my order would be shipped and received in 10-15 days. AFTER I bought the amp they haven’t responded to any of my emails or requests on their supposed chat (on their website) for a tracking number.

Buyer beware.

To be fair, I’m not in the US so things do take longer to arrive here (live in Brazil). That said, I did buy another amp in Amazon US and imported it here in the meantime. So I find it hard to justify the delay. Ultimately, what really makes me harp on them is the bad customer support. I had good experiences with other sellers in Aliexpress and an okay experience with Linsoul, so the language barrier is not an excuse IMO.

I agree. Apos is excellent as well.

My internal alarms just blasted On, just by looking the website.
Spending minute more there just started hurting.
None of the links “work”, they just link to main page and what is with the Support email… HELLOO!!! Brain, start working.
@126.com… like NO!! Like those “send me money now” emails from Africa. lol

Also no means to update… it’s 2021 now.

more lol

Chinese sweat shop in my mind already… they probably started making the thing you ordered. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well. I’m wondering if they are monitoring this forum, because after 4 days of trying to reach them, I finally received an email with a tracking number and it appears that the amp has been sent. I still find it odd that they don’t respond to simple customer requests in a more timely fashion, but if I end up with the product as described it will be fine. Not sure if I will be able to recommend them, but if they turn out to be legit, they are another source for some harder to come by items.

Thanks to all who responded.

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Hi All,

I purchased a Loxjie D30 from them in July 2021. It’s now mid September and delivery and no progress. Hi-fi Express have not sent the item and hardly responded to my emails. I send 3 emails then I get a brief one or two line response. This is not a way to treat a paying customer. Hi-fi express are really difficult to deal with. Extremely bad customer service. In my case they are happy just to steal my money. When I ordered the item which was listed in stock they sent a confirmation email without a valid tracking number. They have since told me the problem was due to EU customs. Seems like the problem should be their problem and just send me the item I ordered and paid for. I’m in Australia and purchased a Chinese made product. If you have problems with EU customs then don’t involve the EU.

I recommend potential customer don’t use hifi-express.com until they learn some customer service skills. They are happy to take money without delivering a product.

Sounds like BS is involved.
They only need to send the item and type the address. That’s it.

I would presume in every EU area the receiver will get a notification of the coming postal package + all information to handle and pay customs and pick / collect the item.
OR just pay the local UPS or what ever delivers the package and they handle the customs and papers. You just pay them. It’s easy and simple to do in any way.

welcome to HFG, snooksy.

I wish your first post was about something better, but it isn’t. I would email hfe and tell them if you dont get a response with a reasonable response that is clear and provides an update on your order you will contact your credit card company and dispute the charge as they have been non-compliant as a merchant.

that said…I hope you paid with CC.

Thanks Marzipan.

I intend to reverse the transaction with my CC provider it if I don’t get a response this week to my recent query. I emailed them almost a week ago asking for an update. It would be simple customer service for hifi-express to refund the money and reply.

I wrote here to raise awareness of the issue and to warn others that there can be problems using this online store. I decided to purchase an item that wasn’t too expensive because there is a risk of losing the money from a site like this that doesn’t show their full address and contact details.

Local Chinese companies are releasing what appear to be good quality hifi products but if the follow up customer service doesn’t meet expectations then it’s important to let everyone know.

I’m not sure if SMSL owns hifi-express.com or how they are affiliated but this incident doesn’t do a lot to promote the SMSL brand if their primary international supplier is so bad.