HiFi Philippines

Wanted to do a roll call of members in the Philippines…

I live in Quezon City and just started down the path of HeadFi/HiFi this year.

I have not been able to find much of a community in Country, but maybe others have.

unfortunateky from what I gather ali express and lazada are pretty much your only hope unless you find a store nearby but it’s pretty rare

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I think Amazon is available too, but I have not used it via normal postal system.

Because of my work I have some other options available that make my ordering gear a little bit better.

I plan to search for higher end stores here in 2020. I currently only know of 1 local speaker maker here, they are called Anthony Audio. I hope to listen to their stuff in 2020 also.

One of the Filipino audio enthusiasts here and yeah finding audio stuff here can be a pain in the ass due to the limited availability of some of the brands that we genuinely like. Shopee, Lazada and AliExpress are the only options available for us, though there are times Carousell does sell brands that are not so common here but I am not so sure on how does a headphone or earphone would last that much when it is a second-hand in nature.

welcome to the hole!