Hifigo Customer support

Hello everybody i wanna share my experience with one web page , normally everybody write about bad things or problems, but i think ita importat for the community to know good expereciences shopping online, cause this definitely its not a cheap hobbie !!!.

A couple of months ago I bought at www.hifigo.com shanling M3 Ultra. The first day I noticed that I had problems with the Wi-Fi connection since it disconnected every 5 seconds. I contacted technical support and the pleasant surprises immediately began.

  1. In a couple of hours I already had a response from an advisor indicating possible solutions, it was a couple of days of fast and constant communication. 2) When it didn’t work, they asked me to return the product (they refund the shipping cost)

  2. After waiting for the shipping time, I received my 100% new replacement. THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! very very happy with the service of this page

Im very surprised with the time off the response any time i wrote .


I’ve had a couple boxes of IEM tips be empty on arrival from Hifigo and they usually offer to send a new pair with another order or a refund