Hifiman 4xx vs Sennheiser 6xx

So I recently moved in to my college dorm and I couldn’t bring my speakers. I need an upgrade. I have the Tin T2 which I like a lot but I don’t find them comfortable for long listens, even with Dekoni tips. I like them a lot but I do want more. I’ve narrowed my options down to either the 4xx or the 6xx. I want more detail in the vocals (6xx) than the T2 offer but I do like what I hear about the bass of the 4xx. What do you guys think?

Well, I would say that if you want a wider exciting sound, the 4xx is going to be the better choice with more extended highs and lows, and if you want a more relaxed intimate sound with great midrange, the 6xx are going to be great.

Perhaps also look at the 58x if you want a sound like the 6xx but with subbass and more highs. Also do you have an amp?

I thought about the 58x but I’m not sure. I do not have an amp, I only have the dragonfly black at the moment, but I am not opposed to getting an amp, I know I’d need it for the 6xx.

You might be fine with the dragonfly, but the 6xx and 4xx would scale a bit with a better amp

Imo you would be just fine with the 58x and dragonfly

I should also add that the 4xx is also fairly detailed as well

I think you might be right. I looked closer at the Frequency response chart for the 58x and it’s actually not at different as I first thought it was.

I would say it’s not as neutral as the 6xx, and slightly less detailed, but actually suited towards more genre of music. The 6xx isn’t that good with anything with subbass. The 58x is also easier to power and less amp picky then the 6xx

Interesting, thank you, I didn’t know that about the 6xx.

Imo to sum it up

6xx: better if you plan to upgrade your amp and listen to alot of acoustic and value a great midrange over subbass or elevated high end

4xx: great for more computer produced music with great tight bass and wider soundstage, more exciting v shaped sound

58x: still has the warmer characteristic of the 6xx while maintaining a decent level of subbass and high end, works well with most music like the 4xx. Also has good imaging. Almost like in between the 6xx and 4xx

Comfort and build on these headphones are great. I would say that the pickiest when it comes to amps is the 6xx. The 4xx also benefits from more power for better bass response, and the 58x is the least picky


Wow, thank you, this was a lot less complicated than I thought it was going to be.

It’s honestly finding your preferred sound signature is the difficult part. After you know what you like its a bit easier. But always listen to stuff before you commit if possible, but I know that it’s usually not an option

one thing to keep in mind is that these are all open back headphones, so if you have a room mate, you may run into issues with the sound leakage they’ll have. if you’re in your own room, you’re golden!

If he wants to keep the lights on all night and never open the window shades, fine, but he has to deal with my music then.

In college I had some open backs and as long as you don’t play them super loud or with really obnoxious (from the roommates pov) music, and if you get along decently, you should be fine. But please don’t bring them to a library and blast that shit. You can barely hear the 58x sound leak if you listen with low listening levels

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was just letting you know of a possible pain point that could cause friction and such, that’s all. :slight_smile:

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