HifiMan Ananda, Audeze LCD-2C or Focal Elex/Clear?

Yeah, I guess none of them will make my ears hurt :wink:
Thx! That is sound advice, both re returns, the budget and the differences.

I have, but haven’t found a ZMF-pusher in Europe yet and the prices are next level - at least for me.
If I buy in the US, there is the issue with waranty and you have to multiply the cost with 30-50%…

Ah, yeah that probably wouldn’t be reasonable. What about a used fostex th900mk2?

I am personally much more into 2nd hand used market when possible… audiophiles, especially the ones who spend a lot of money, tend to be OCD AF… and take care of their stuff…


Could the Drop Fostex Purple heart be a choice?
I saw just now, that they lowered the price from $580 to $400 for EU.

Yup, buying used high end is typically a very safe way to get a deal

While I like them, I don’t think they are on the same tier of headphones you are currently looking at. Other similar choices might be a denon d7200 or 9200.

Although those might be less different from what you have signature wise (kinda)

Well, then I shouldn’t. Thx!
How Is the denon d7200 different from the LCD-2x?

I have to get to bed, I have to get up in 5 hrs… but the d7200 are affordable and I have considered them, but didn’t see them as more warm or more bassy than the LCD-2x.

They are a bit warmer and bassy, but a bit v shaped so not really the most relaxing. I think they have an excellent bass response, but I feel like they might remind you of your t5p in a way

for ZMF… in europe

the headphone company is in germany (heidelberg)


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Really… 20 characters…

I owned or own all of the headphones you mentioned, including the AFO and a handful of other HPs. You want warm and chill? AFO or PM-1 or PM-2. Mon’s assessment on the prior mentioned HPs is sufficient.

I recently got the new aeon 2 closed and man is it an upgrade from the original in almost every way, definitely worth looking into :+1:

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Pm-2 is the OPPO, right?
Is this on par with the LCD-2C or the other HP’s? I mean, it’s half price of those witrh som retailers and the same with others - that usually indicate a product that is not sold in great numbers.

Would you call it the best closed back under 1K, in your experience?

It’s up there, but I typically don’t think I would call a headphone the best overall in a price bracket. I think its great if you like the type of sound it delivers

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Oppo is no longer making headphones, so many distributors might be trying to get rid of stock. Those HPs were lauded by Tyll and before I read his reviews, I thought they were phenomenal in bass, warmth, vocals, and spaciousness. The LCD2C is wider, but the Oppos have more treble energy. Both The LCD2C and Oppos are a bit grainy in the upper mids and treble. The Oppo is tastefully tuned and suited for more variety in music and isn’t sensitive to bad recordings. After dinner brandy and the Oppo PM-1 or AFO for me. The LCD2C is quite heavy and I built up some neck muscles after a while lol

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I hear the AFO 2 has more treble energy and information than the AFO 1, I’ve been dying to get my ears on one. Dan Clark and team are superb when it comes to customer service and communication. I think I spent three days in emails with them talking about build, sound signature, history, shipping out of country, service, etc. Very professional and prompt.

They will keep my business with that kind of attention to customers.

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They no longer really have a prominent dynamic range compression issue, they have a wider and more informative stage, the frequency response is more pleasing to my ears, and they are overall more refined and detailed compared to the original aeon. The build is great now that they are actually fairly portable and can be collapsed. Still somewhat more demanding on the amp but I think they are definitely worth the upgrade. I never really liked the aeon, but the aeon 2 drew me in.


Is the closed back better than the open æon 2?