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This is the official thread for the HiFiMan Ananda. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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I actually have them. A massive upgrade over HE400i. Sound is big, open, detaileid. Impressive detail and balance. Will recieve my Periat (or was it perhiat) balanced cable soon, which will be a massive upgrade on stock cables. Hifiman should really include a balanced cable at ~1k $ price.


Yup. Fantastic headphone. Lots of air and a perfect bass response reminiscent of an Audeze house bass. Detail is ridiculous at times. Minus the Bear’s Pachuca Sunrise sounded different to me and I’ve heard it a thousand times. So much micro detail and interesting atmospheric type stuff going on in the background that you never noticed before.

I find the treble a tad sizzly at times. Not metallic. Just hot. Like a bit too much ess. It’s very nit picky and minor though.

Build is also much improved and streamlined now vs. the weird alien looking shape of the older models’ yokes and headband adjustments. Comfort is good but they kind of dig into that bony part of your neck right behind your ear after awhile.

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Can anyone tell me how the quality control is on these? I heard that it’s pretty bad…

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idk mine are fine:smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

What about after market cables? Are there any recommendations?

I ordered the Periapt one, has not yet arrieved :smiley: But it has 3.5mm plugs so many custom cables should work just fine

Hi, im looking at these cans as an one of the options for my next buy. I really like the appeal of these massive Hifiman hp, same with the Arya and HEK but theyre out of my range atm . I know theyre open with massive drivers to boot but how would you describe the imaging and treble on this? As much as i enjoy listening to music, i would also like to use these on gaming. I would like to avoid buying a pair solely for gaming as ive done in the past.

Thank you very much.

Quality control? Well I’d highly recommend you only purchase it with warranty. The demo unit at store I visited was broken: it had very reduced volume coming out the left side. That was no big deal since they also had an open box unit I could audition. 10 minutes into using it, the right side failed out of nowhere similarly to how the demo failed. So yeah…

I think the imaging is better than on He400i, dont have much other comparisions. Treble is airy, precise but not harsh. Atleast in my opinion. Mine was bought 12/2018 and I dont have any issues with it, but ofcourse get a warranty if you buy somthing this expensive.

If you get these, make sure you’re able to inspect the unit before purchase. Look for:

Scratches on the driver
Crooked grilles (both up/down and in/out)
Crooked drivers (you can tell its crooked if the planar strips don’t line up to the grille)

@Delta_Deka I second that. I had to do some minor correction to pull the grills straight on mine. They were slightly pushed in on one side. Luckily it was easy to fix but disappointing for the price when compared to the build you get on for eg. Audeze at a similar price. Sound awesome though!

I’ve been looking for a used pair of these, but not many are on the market. I assume most people like the ones they have :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any recommendations on headphones in the same price point as Ananda that have a similar sound signature?

How do they compare to the SendyAudio and or LCD2C?

I can’t comment on the Sendy but I have had LCD2C and Ananda side by side. Bass extension is very similar in terms of how low they will go. I would struggle to choose a preference within the bass range. Mids are more forward on LCD2C. I found them to get a little intense (sometimes shouty?) at times and I would need to turn down the volume on some powerful vocal tracks. Highs roll off somewhat on LCD2C. Some people like that but I prefer a little more energy than they provide. Ananda doesn’t suffer with sibilance and to my ear highs never get painful but are certainly well represented in the high end. (No roll off) Build goes to LCD2C hands down. I had no problems with comfort or fit. Both have generous space for ears although Ananda is huge but not as deep. I feel like Ananda is more resolving but not sure if that is the more present highs tricking me into thinking that. They are my preference over LCD2C but both are terrific. It comes down to what sound signature you prefer.


I was perfectly happy with my quiver of 4XX, 6XX, Dekoni Blue, DT770 250, and Mobius, but these went and messed that all up. The only ones that get any action besides Ananda are Mobius, and that’s only because I can wear them while cleaning the house.

Ananda is big, clean, and has the amount of bass you’d expect to hear in a live environment. They just sound real to me, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted in a headphone.


Yup I hear you with that. I have the same problem with my 58x and 400i’s. I tend to use them for gaming now. Ananda has an uncanny ability to fool you into thinking a sound is coming from outside the headphone. I still sometimes find myself taking them off to check, especially on new or unfamiliar tracks. They are incredible, I just wish they were built a little more robustly.


how do the Ananda compare to the LCD2C’s? they’re essentially the same price.

I posted some thoughts further up this thread. Take a look. I’d be happy to expand on any points if you have further questions. Basically, I prefer Ananda and think it is the better sounding headphone but build goes to LCD2C easily.

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Bass wise, you think they are basically the same in terms of punch/slam? I personally thought LCD2C was a bit punchier when i tried demoing them vs the Ananda.