Hifiman arya-will I be able to power them of my amp

Hi everyone,
Quick questions. Will I be able to power and drive properly hifiman arya from my dac/amp Aune S6 pro out of balanced output? Second is the same question in regards to audeze lcd-2. I was looking on it seems to be possible, but I ain’t sure especially in case of arya.

405mw into 300 ohm for reference.
Not sure what it does at 35ohm, but I’m going to guess it will work.
Better experts with hands-on experience here.

I know Arya is very low sensitivity.

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I will defenitely audtion it. I was just wondering if arya is even the option. And the lack of data how this amp preform with lower ohm headphones, made me think if its even valuable option. I just don’t want to underpower it.