Hifiman Arya with a Mod Mic

I was wondering if anyone has ever put a mod mic on a pair of Arya’s. Where did you position it and do you think it affected the sound in any way?

i do not own an arya, but i have seen many people use open backs with mod mics. it shouldnt effect the sound at all. mod mics are small.

I ask because it can’t really go between the grills because of the size of the sticky mount. Putting on the bars or maybe the front or back would be the more logical choices but idk how much the position would affect my voice to others.

put a small piece of double sided tape where u want to mount it on the grill. if the tape is thin, use 2 layers. that will give you something to mount it to and tape doesnt care about gaps as much.

edit: if you plan on keeping them forever, you can use some 2 part epoxey to fill in the grill a little where you plan to mount it. mod mic going to block that tiny area anyways.

I’m gonna try the double sided tape method now and see if it works. Do you think grey tac would also work? I wonder if it’d leave any residue.

grey tac could work, but i would be worried about it working its way in to deep over time.

ive never owned a headphone before that changes as much as the Arya when the cups are obstructed, essentially it turns into a totally different headphone were you to cover the whole outside surface of the cups, the change is very much on the extreme end, check it out, obstruct them with your hands while playing something and see for yourself.

the difference will be immediate and radical, it should be noted that most of the the change is width but i’m sure you’ll be able to pick up on other things as well.

do i think the change will be drastic with the obstruction of a Mod Mic? no, would i do it personally? possibly. if you don’t notice much of a difference with one on or off i don’t see a reason not to at least try it out

I ended up putting it behind the cup and it works perfectly. Not the best looker but I don’t really have space for a desktop mic and I’ve had this ModMic Wireless for a year or so now. At least one side is still beautiful.