Hifiman clamp force

Hi experts
How can l reduce the clamping force on my hifiman400i without damaging them? Mine have the reinforced yokes. Less clamp would make these much more enjoyable to me. Should l work the metal frame? I don’t want to break anything… Thanks!

Hmmm, I think you could perhaps use some books and let them rest a bit stretched for a few days?


I have noticed many headphones require some break-in time in a way, just like shoes, to loosen up some. Weird but it does happen.


Think l tried to widen them in the past…will try again…
These are not new…3 years old…

Gotcha, you can bend the metal a bit like how you would do on a Sennheiser, but it will go back to normal over a longer period of time depending on how much you bend it


^ This 100%

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