🔶 HiFiMan Edition S

This is the official thread for the HiFiMan Edition S. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open OR Closed Back (Open Recommended)

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Bought these thanks to Zeos’ recommendation. They are great! Extremely comfortable, that is my favorite thing about them. But of course, they sound good, too. Easy to drive and nice open sound stage. Can play louder than I can stand without distortion.

The open/closed is unique and almost a gimmick, but it is a great gimmick. They are open backed at heart. I don’t have much to say that is any different from Zeos’s review in terms of sound. I really like them!

Apparently they aren’t great sellers and there have been quite a few people who have had them break easily. That’s too bad- mine are in mint condition after regular use for over six months now. No problems for me at all, although I use them at my desk. Value for money is quite good now that the price has been dropped at least…

My vote is an emphatic yes for these!

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Just in case anyone is looking for these- I do now have a crack developing on the headband. I think the reason mine have done so well is the shape of my head- my ears are unusually high on my head (I have to tuck my ears under baseball hats, for example) I use the headphones at their smallest setting. So smaller heads :+1:, bigger heads, maybe not