Hifiman Edition XX

Was going to upgrade from my HE-4XX’s and was thinking about the Edition XX’s or possible Sendy Aivas. What do you all think of the Edition XX’s if any of you have them? Or maybe find asome Audeze LCD-2 CLASSICS? Hmmm what’s everyone’s thoughts?

I’ve heard all of these headphones, and I would say that the xx is definitely an upgrade, but they have a different presentation then the 4xx. The xx vs the classics is an interesting comparison because I feel that the classics have better subbass, but the xx has a larger then life presentation. The classics are slightly warmer sounding compared to the xx, but they are both darker sounding headphones. I think the lcd2 classics are built better and feel better in the hands, but the xx is more comfortable on my head. But it seems that people really dislike the cable on the xx, but I can’t say for sure since the one I tried had an aftermarket cable on it.

The sendy is a different sound to the xx and lcd2 classics because they are brighter and more detailed sounding, but not as wide as the xx or lcd2 classics. They also have better imaging then the xx and lcd. The build and comfort are great and feel great in the hand. Cable is great for stock. This is more of a different sound then the 4xx and other mentioned headphones.

Edit: if I were to pick what I would get for myself in this situation, I would consider the xx or the sendy, because I feel that the xx is a more interesting sound then the classics

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I have heard all of them too hahaha! But I’m just being picky because it’s been a while since I have heard the Classics. Haven’t listened to the Sendys for long. So I wish I could have them all right next to each other so I could A/B compare them.

I have the sendys, Arya, and lcd 2.2 right here, so close enough for me to remember their sound well enough

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I really love Sendys. Sendy’s are aggressive detailed and very narrow, I am a little treble sensitive but they don’t bother me too much. XX are more relaxed, much larger soundstage, but still detailed. Build is much better on the Sendy’s. I think overall sendy’s are better though, and I would choose Sendy’s over XX, but I guess it depends on your preference. Don’t know about lcd2c though.


I would say the sendys present the best performance per dollar if you include both build and sound, but the xx is more of a different type of sound so I probably wouldn’t be able to choose as easily

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