Hifiman Edition XX

Was going to upgrade from my HE-4XX’s and was thinking about the Edition XX’s or possible Sendy Aivas. What do you all think of the Edition XX’s if any of you have them? Or maybe find asome Audeze LCD-2 CLASSICS? Hmmm what’s everyone’s thoughts?

I’ve heard all of these headphones, and I would say that the xx is definitely an upgrade, but they have a different presentation then the 4xx. The xx vs the classics is an interesting comparison because I feel that the classics have better subbass, but the xx has a larger then life presentation. The classics are slightly warmer sounding compared to the xx, but they are both darker sounding headphones. I think the lcd2 classics are built better and feel better in the hands, but the xx is more comfortable on my head. But it seems that people really dislike the cable on the xx, but I can’t say for sure since the one I tried had an aftermarket cable on it.

The sendy is a different sound to the xx and lcd2 classics because they are brighter and more detailed sounding, but not as wide as the xx or lcd2 classics. They also have better imaging then the xx and lcd. The build and comfort are great and feel great in the hand. Cable is great for stock. This is more of a different sound then the 4xx and other mentioned headphones.

Edit: if I were to pick what I would get for myself in this situation, I would consider the xx or the sendy, because I feel that the xx is a more interesting sound then the classics

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I have heard all of them too hahaha! But I’m just being picky because it’s been a while since I have heard the Classics. Haven’t listened to the Sendys for long. So I wish I could have them all right next to each other so I could A/B compare them.

I have the sendys, Arya, and lcd 2.2 right here, so close enough for me to remember their sound well enough

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I really love Sendys. Sendy’s are aggressive detailed and very narrow, I am a little treble sensitive but they don’t bother me too much. XX are more relaxed, much larger soundstage, but still detailed. Build is much better on the Sendy’s. I think overall sendy’s are better though, and I would choose Sendy’s over XX, but I guess it depends on your preference. Don’t know about lcd2c though.


I would say the sendys present the best performance per dollar if you include both build and sound, but the xx is more of a different type of sound so I probably wouldn’t be able to choose as easily

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if I may threadjack…has anyone compared the Edition XX against the X v2’s? Google came up with nothing.

Well, the xx has a different tuning from the x v2. The x v2 is more detailed and has a more balanced signature, where the xx has more bass imo. The x v2 is also slightly brighter, so more neutral tuning to the xx. If you could get an xv2 for a similar price I would go for that instead, but the xx isn’t bad my any means. Also I like the headband on the xv2 better then the classic hfm style. I actually thought the v2 was wider then the xx, and imaging was about the same.

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yes, a review of the Ananda compared them against the v1 and v2 as well as the 560 and 1000 v2 or se, I can’t recall now. comments were the v2’s would still be the one’s to buy and that the 1000’s were so much better, hence the much higher price. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I don’t agree that the he1000 v2 was that large of a step up. It was a step up, but tbh not worth imo, so I originally went for the hex v2 after listening to both atm. Its kinda like the utopia vs the clear imo because it is a step up, but you pretty much are getting most of the good stuff without paying a significantly higher price. Although the 1000v2’s build was nice though. Still enjoy my he560 v1 though, but its not something I would choose over the ananda or hexv2. Sold my hexv2 for the arya when it came out since I like the sound better.

interesting about the Arya…Z liked them, but said the difference from the XX wasn’t enough to justify that much of a higher price.

I will have to make a trip to Vancouver again and hit up Headphone Bar and try out more stuff!

Hmm. I thought the arya was a pretty sizable step up. The sound signature was improved, more detail, better extension and slam, and a really impressive sense of space compared to the xx

you know…I’m seeing now that I cannot trust headphone reviews as much as I thought I could, unless I open up to more reviewers to see if a baseline of commonalities can be established. Z loved the XX, metal really doesn’t like them and Josh was so wobbly that I didn’t know if he did or didn’t like them at the end.

sound is just too subjective and not having a budget that can let me buy $500+ headphones with ease to find what I like makes it so much HARDER!!!

how old are you M0N? can you share what quality headphones you started out with and which headphones you felt brought you to a whole new level of sound? also, what is in your current collection? how often do you prune your collection?

So, I’m not going to mention my age, but I will say that my hearing is still great and the last time I tested it months ago I could still reliably hear up to 21ish k. This is the case with most of all my family, and even my grandpa who is in his upper 80’s can hear super well. I actually cant quite remember what my first headphone was, but it was a sennheiser given to me when I was under 10, but I do know that I got a sony mdr v6 a year after. It kind of went off from there. You can check what I have owned and currently own on my profile, but it’s not in any specific order. Most my family are audio freaks, so I was interested from a young age. I also cannot really remember when I started mastering for people either, but it still is a nice side gig, but I only do that for specific people and projects mainly relating to corporate business. I prune my collection when I find that something that I feel I “need” that would replace the role of something else that I own.

I’m 40 and have treble sensitivities while deeper sounds/voices are much harder on me. it’s probably been somewhere around 15 to 20 years since I had my hearing tested. I have some auditory processing anomalies since a head injury when I was 19. it makes for interesting times…what I hear to what people actually say to me, leads to a lot of laughter!

I’ve never owned headphones until about 5 years ago, I got the Stax SRS-2100. shortly after that I picked up the Drop HE-35x and HE-4xx. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them, but i’ve also gotten the Koss KSC75’s and the KPH30i’s. I’ve avoided the PortaPro’s cause of their hair grabbing headband. that’s one reason I don’t wear a watch, hairy wrists :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed the HE-35x up until I heard the HE-4xx. did some AB testing and haven’t used them since. I Need to clean up the earpads n then gift em to someone I think. :slight_smile:


The HE-35x was kind of a disappointment for me, it looked pretty nice, but kinda fell flat for the price tbh

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For a starter planar, the 4xx’s are a great headphone. You can definitely hear the benefits of planar in them. They’re my daily driver I might change the earpads to the hybrids to see what it does to them or buy some thicker earpads to try and widen the soundstage a little. 4xx’s are the best $100 I have spent. :grin: