🔶 HiFiman Edition XX

sp200 should be enough no? I have the basx too but its just too giant for the desk.

Haven’t heard them, but if they are like the HEX v2 (some say they are), then the image is tall and reasonably wide. Layering would also be very good.

I don’t think they have the treble performance of the x v2 and are closer to the Ananda in terms of technicalities

How would you compare them to the lcd2c… Because those still intrigue me too.

The 2 classic is the darker headphone that are more of a fairly smooth sound. I think the xx has better layering and a larger sound but is actually a bit more intimate. The mids on the 2c are more prominent where on the xx they might be a bit recessed. I personally prefer the xx because I think it’s a more enjoyable listen but the 2 classic can be great to just relax with (the xx as well too tbh)

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Appreciate the input. Guess I’m getting the xx. Hahahaha. :sweat_smile: Way too many last purchases of the year.

Well… the only other person I know that knows all 3 cans says the MD XX is closer to the HEX v2 than the Ananda. I haven’t heard the MD - so I have no input - except: as usual the best advice is to try and listen to the can you are interested in.

In tuning I would somewhat agree but I don’t think the xx has the technicalities that the hex v2 does

Compared to the 4XX, would this work as a sizable upgrade to the Hifiman sound? Metal571 noted some sort of ‘grain’ in the sound in his review of it, is that something to be worried about?

It would be different, but it would be an upgrade for sure. It would be wider, larger and more grand sounding, but actually warmer and a bit darker than the 4xx, but with more midrange and bass detail. If you wanted something a bit brighter but like the xx, the ananda is a good pick

I think the darker sound is more what I’m looking for over something brighter.

Yeah then the edition xx or also trying to find a used hex v2 would be what I would suggest from hifiman

Oh? What does the HEX v2 have over the Edition XX?

It’s a higher end headphone, more detail and refinement, also a bit more treble, the xx isn’t as good, the xx has around similar technicality to the ananda

If you listen to Resolve’s interview of Fang Bian, Fang says that as the price of one of their headphones goes up it receives greater care in its tuning and so has a more uniform frequency response. If you look at Oratory1990’s FR graphs for the various models, for example, you indeed see this trend. They mostly have the same general shape, but the pricey ones tend to be smoother, while less expensive ones tend to be more saw-toothed. (The 4-series and the Sundara are exceptions.)

Of course, this is only one variable in a headphone’s sound signature. And this jaggedness is likely going to be hard to hear because it’s mixed in with the constantly changing frequencies of the actual music.


Regarding the availability of the HEX v2, I can’t seem to find any new copies of it. Did they discontinue it and now the only way is to buy used?

It was replaced by the arya, buying used would be the only way to get one most likely

How does the Arya compare to the HEX? Is it brighter over the v2?

The arya is somewhat different kinda, it presents in a more impressive way, and also is brighter, more detailed, and generally more impressive and capable. The xx and hex v2 are actually somewhat less bright then most of the hifiman

How does the mids and low end compare? Are they about the same, or are they a little recessed in comparison to the Arya’s highs?