🔶 HiFiman Edition XX

sp200 should be enough no? I have the basx too but its just too giant for the desk.

Haven’t heard them, but if they are like the HEX v2 (some say they are), then the image is tall and reasonably wide. Layering would also be very good.

I don’t think they have the treble performance of the x v2 and are closer to the Ananda in terms of technicalities

How would you compare them to the lcd2c… Because those still intrigue me too.

The 2 classic is the darker headphone that are more of a fairly smooth sound. I think the xx has better layering and a larger sound but is actually a bit more intimate. The mids on the 2c are more prominent where on the xx they might be a bit recessed. I personally prefer the xx because I think it’s a more enjoyable listen but the 2 classic can be great to just relax with (the xx as well too tbh)

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Appreciate the input. Guess I’m getting the xx. Hahahaha. :sweat_smile: Way too many last purchases of the year.

Well… the only other person I know that knows all 3 cans says the MD XX is closer to the HEX v2 than the Ananda. I haven’t heard the MD - so I have no input - except: as usual the best advice is to try and listen to the can you are interested in.

In tuning I would somewhat agree but I don’t think the xx has the technicalities that the hex v2 does