🔶 HiFiman Edition XX

This is the official thread for the HiFiman Edition XX. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Very Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like them


How do they compare to the Focal Elex?

The focal is more detailed and accurate, with a more even frequency response. The xx has better bass impact and quantity and is a more warm sound then the elex. The elex is easier to drive and doesn’t really need as much power as the xx to get them to their best. I think both are built well and are good for the price and had no issues with comfort. The soundstage and imaging of the elex are a bit more defined, but the xx gives you a larger and bigger presentation then the elex. Both cables are pretty bad though, so it’s more if a pick your poison type thing, but they can be easily replaced so it doesn’t matter too much

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Do you think you are both worth their price?

Yes, it’s more what type of sound you prefer. Both are worth their ask imo

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Will these get discounted on Drop anytime soon? My hd668b wants proper upgrade.

They could, but I’m not sure. They recently gave out a 100 usd off on the koss 95x and the fostex tr-x00 ebony, but I don’t know if they will do it for the edition xx since it’s still a somewhat newer product. You could look for a used pair and see if you can score a deal

Can’t see any on listings except eBay US, but price is same or higher. Me from EU.

Ah, then yeah the used market is going to be alot less plentiful. You could possibly look for a used edition x v2 or v1

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All I ask is $150 off and I’m happy papi :watermelon:
None used is less than $600 for x v2.

Used ananda? That would be a brighter sound then these though

These are on sale on drop for 100 off… How do these compare to the m1570’s for sound and should i try a set out? lol

I would say it depends on what you like. The xx is also a bit darker with great bass and an interesting midrange. I think it would be something different I don’t think one is better than the other

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Intersting good? Bad? The bass intrigues me but i do like my mids.

The mids are pretty good, the presentation is different though. The drives really do something weird with their huge driver

Lol. Good or bad weird? Hahahahaha

In a good way, it’s like a wall of sound and the layering is very good. Just sounds very large for a headphone

Hmmm… Think i will pick one up. How are the highs. The opposite of harsh is what i hope.

Yes they are actually kinda darker sounding. Not very harsh (with a good amp)